Christina Grimmie Sam Tsui Just A Dream

Up and coming singer Christina Grimmie performing a duet with Sam Tsui for Nelly’s ‘Just A Dream’. This video placed her on Billboard’s Top 50 Social at #15.

  • suckit

    WOW.lots of christina’s are becoming (christina perri)

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    I love them<33
    I’ve been listening to this nonstop ever since last week.

  • Anonymous

    she is completely outshined by this guy
    and doesnt she know emo went out in like 2007? get a haircut
    but the song is great


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    i hope you will like:*

  • Anonymous

    woooo I love Kurt Hugo Schnieder & Friends!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think one out shined the other, they are both very gifted singers.

  • Seng

    SAM & KURT! Love their work!!!

  • Margriet

    OMG! I love Christina! I subscribed her on YouTube like 3 months ago and she is already working with Selena Gomez! Just don’t hope she’ll become some Disney-junk… ;)

  • Anonymous

    FU (: people have different styles, and her hair is great. so eff. You.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    flawlessness <3

  • InOverMyHead15

    Love this!!!!

  • peaceandlove.

    I love them. They are my favourites youtube singers! :)

  • I love you, Kurt

    KURT AND SAM!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this cover is so awesome! i’m addicted to it

  • Anonymous

    Sam Tsui!! <3

  • Anonymous

    agreed, she’s good but he REALLY outshines her

  • crazylady

    they’re talented but meh I don’t really like this cover. I think it can take a lot for me to be more than just completely neutral about a cover.

  • Marge.

    i love christina (:

  • lonelymemea23

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  • Anonymous

    I’m in love with this! Love this song but it’s even better with there voices!

  • Oh SNAP

    her cover of ‘A Year Without Rain’ is simply amazing..
    and this one, too.

  • gottalent

    Two awesome youtube singers singing a duet is just….wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DDx

    omg…Sam!! he’s simply amazing!

  • Tina

    I like this better then the original… (:

  • .Truth.


  • Anonymous

    ‘Got Me’

    new song i made in my room tell me what ya think!

  • Anonymous

    and THIS is what i would call people with talent,my goodness their voices
    i want christinas voice,

  • Anonymous

    YES! finally you post these amazingly talented people on here!
    disney people are great and all, but Sam is BEYOND AMAZING!

  • NickJisHot

    i’m addicted to this song, best duet everrr! i love them :)

  • Jenika4eva

    OMG!!! I actually really like this. They both have amazing voices. :)

  • TraceSTAN

    Nice enough, not my taste, but they don’t suck.

  • camm

    both of them are amazing!! looove this cover!

  • _liesyoutold

    Heard this for the first time on Tumblr and fell in love with it. <3

  • Anonymous

    SAM AND KURT! =]