Kathy Griffin In The Justin Bieber Story

  • caro0 cro0ssa

    MY GOODNESS!, this video isi TOTALLY stupiid!!, i hate iit!

  • NileyisWin

    OU this is old .. just sayin

  • Anonymous

    Justin bieber is such a player -.-
    I am not making fun of him or anything.
    But if you look at the facts it’s true.
    He kisses girls ALL the time. See how he “danced” with Miley Cyrus?
    He kissed some 30 year old reporter -.- he’s such a PLAYER.
    Plus hes always calling girls “beautiful” you know that word is supposed to be special when you are in Aww because of a certain woman/girl not because your hormones are raging and your trying to get into all their pants -.-

  • Candela

    hahahah so cutee!! :P hahah

  • Anonymous

    lmao. juicy juice.
    and wow, kathy’s voice is deeper than bieber’s.

  • estephanie.

    hahahahaa love that videoo hahahaha

  • whatthefudge

    Mehh i don’t really like kathy, i don’t know why.

  • Anonymous

    What’s not so funny is that its true.

  • ANON

    LMFAO . I’m A Huge Belieber But I DIED At “WHO THREW THE F* JUICY JUICE!?” xD

    & I’m In This <3