Emily Osment IN THE STUDIO

  • copymonster

    The guy she’s with has a Bieber haircut.

  • Anonymous

    I think her musics are really good but i dont think she will go far because she is not good enough. I think she is a good actress.
    Im sorry if i have any spelling error because i am not american im brazilian and i am still learning!!

  • Anonymous

    The guy who she is with plays gutiar for her when she peforms

  • lasttimearoundd

    I don’t think her music will go far, sure it’ll be fun to do and stuff but I can’t imagine her in the charts. My bad if one of her songs have been in the charts so don’t be a smartass if it has, I just don’t pay attention to her.

  • Elio Armato


    Song i made in my bedroom tell me what ya’ll think!

    Also check the others on my page if you approve this one =).

  • lLALA

    i thinkkk shes tryin to be someone she isnt. BE YOURSELFF EVEYONE ELSE IS ALREADY TAKEN!!

  • Anonymous

    haha :D

  • Ashleyy.

    I dont know why, but I find her extremely annoying now.

  • emilyosmentfan

    i love her music and her music is more popular over in other countries. her songs have been on the charts. and if you don’t like her why comment on her posts? i think shes brilliant and at least shes not dressing nasty or anything like all the other girls do. she has potential.

  • Melli

    I think your right…i’m from germany and love her music. She is diffrent and so cool!

  • Anonymous

    I just went to her show in mobile on monday night and met her! you guys need to give her music a chance because it really is amazing especially live and she’s so nice! :)

  • your love is off the chain

    I love her, i have for years. Her music is amazing and she’s beautiful. She’s gonna go so far <3

  • Anonymous

    Emily is Awesome! Nuff said.