Miranda Cosgrove Dancing CRAZY TOUR


Miranda Cosgrove will kick off the Dancing Crazy Tour Jan. 2011. Dates under!

Kansas City, MO Uptown Theater
1/25Minneapolis MN State Theater
1/26 Milwaukee WIPabst Theater
1/28 Rosemont IL Rosemont Theatre
1/29 Indianapolis IN Murat Theatre
1/30 Cleveland OH Playhouse Square Center
2/1 Detroit MI The Fillmore Detroit
2/2 Munhall PA Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead
2/4 Wallingford CT Oakdale Theatre
2/5 New York NY Beacon Theatre
2/6 Glenside PA Keswick Theatre
2/9 Bethesda MD Music Center at Strathmore
2/10 Lowell MA Lowell Memorial Auditorium
2/12 Montclair NJ Wellmont Theatre
2/13 Westbury NY Theatre at Westbury
2/15 Atlanta GA Center Stage
2/16 Tampa FL Tampa Theatre
2/17 Orlando FL Hard Rock Live
2/19 Grand Prairie TX Verizon Theatre
2/20 Houston TX House of Blues
2/23 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
2/24 Anaheim CA House of Blues

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  • Alina

    She is so pretty, her eyebrows are amazinnnn lol

  • Anonymous

    fuck disney fuck nickelodeon like seriously they make stupid a$$ money cause kids kiss up to them its disgusting and yea fuck her for comin to my state, im gunna sit out there protesting haha JK i wouldnt waste my time doing that, im too busy going to EPIC ASS shows like take for example Escape the fate, bring me the horizon, pierce the veil and shiz so yuh with that being said Peace and dont hate kthxbai :) anyone agree wiff me ?

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  • lasttimearoundd

    Aw, I like her. I probably wouldn’t go to one of her shows if she came to London but ya, she’s cute.

  • gottalent

    She’s a really good singer

  • Anonymous1.8

    NOOOOOOOO (about anons)

  • TraceSTAN

    Are they upset at the anon ads or just anon spamming in general.

  • Tina850

    she sucks lol :P

  • Anonymous1.8

    maybe it has to do with the spam filters

  • TraceSTAN

    Can anyone get on the Selena post?

  • TraceSTAN

    fixed i was locked out, works now

  • Anonymous

    oo.. if she was coming to the uk i would have gone.1

  • HeckYesJonas

    First ;D jk, i’m not lame x’]

  • Anonymous

    why is it called the Dancing Crazy tour?

  • Anonymous

    Who would even want to go to her tour? O___o

  • Anonymous

    WOW, she’s actually coming to Orlando ?
    So now I have three acts to look for
    Lady Gaga
    and Taylor Swift !

  • Anonymous

    Finally an artist that is doing small venues comes to LI and not just NYC.

  • Linda

    Thank You OU, I’m glad she’s coming to Long Island, I hate when artist only go to the NYC and count that as “NY.

    I just got my ticket, I bought the Meet & Greet package.

  • Anonymous

    i can not stand her face. i dont think she, her blonde costar from iCarly [jeanette?], or demi lovato are pretty. they are just NOT ATTRACTIVE. victoria justice is fine though, but i dont like her

    sorry, i could hold it in any longer

  • Just Me:)

    I love her nail polish :)