Cody Simpson ALL DAY New Song!

  • Jenika4eva

    Ohh..I like this..

  • NileyisWin

    i like it :)

  • Anonymous

    thats the stupidest comment i read in my life… justin is a joke, cody has real talent and justin doesnt, hes a tool

  • puddingtoes

    You know what, this shit’s actually pretty good. The lyrics are definitely lacking, but his voice is really, really good. Maybe. Autotune could be there, I can’t tell.

  • MusicInMyAss

    He is very good. He has a great talent :) I’m not his fan, but I like his music.

  • RUBYSimpson143

    justin mimed on x factor. Fans said that he has to dance, which makes him to tired for singing, Cody sings and dances, all whilst sounding and looking amazing. Just sayin’. Also he must have some talent for someone who has produced for people like Jay Z, to sign him.

    Cody doesn’t have a decent fan base? I bet it’s more than yours. Last time I checked, over 350,000 followers on twitter was actually pretty good. Sure Justin has millions, but he has been around a lot longer. Also, when someone is starting out, do you really expect them to have all the fans on the world? a lot of people don’t even know who Cody is….yet.

    Cody replies all the time on twitter, he makes video’s updating his fans, and videos telling us how much he appreciates us. Justin has gotten a bad rep so far about mistreating fans.

    Btw my point is not to bash bieber, but just to say that people should stop comparing them. Cody is cody. I couldn’t care less about Justin hitting puberty. Cody’s 13 and his voice has already changed. Why do people make a big deal about little things like that? Big woop.

    If you hate Cody so much, why click on this article and listen to the song? Obviously he had enough impact on you to make you want to say something?
    Jealous???? Jealous/ scared that Bieber will loose a few fans? FYI, Justin has lost quite a few english fans to The Wanted

    Pointless rant over ;)

  • Anonymous

    He can sing but the lyrics are dumb

  • bieber

    Ok i hate cody justin is WAY BETTER why the hell is this site filled with bieber haters cody doesent have a good fanbase u know justin HAS hit puberty listen to his acustic album ok his voice his very DEEP so fuck off this song is catchy but he COPYS justin so if u like him u like justin so fuck off haters

  • BieberLoverSuporter<3

    I likee the song but not him
    his a wannabe

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good song…:P i dont really know who he is but hes pretty good

  • RUBYSimpson143

    LOVE IT! :)
    I don’t get why people hate on him? Then again, I can’t explain why I hate Bieber so much.

    Crossing my fingers that Cody is Taylor’s support act for her UK tour!!!!!

    watch? Someone has stolen in from me :/

  • nmxnsnm

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  • sasha

    we’ve already got one justin bieber…we DON’T need another one………..

  • Anonymous

    He’s not better than justin.
    plus he doesnt have that good of a fanbase, hes not going to last long at all.
    Justin has talent, His voice has changed… he beat the odds of not being able to sing after his voice breaks. Justin will be around for a long while.
    This kid is just another wanna-be.

  • Anonymous

    woww this kid is going to be torn apart in the music biz.

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    Hmmm, Bieber Fever.
    Simpson Stampede (lol)
    Simpson ______________?

  • SaraBeeLyes

    haha simpson…syndrome:)

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    He;s awesomee

  • Anonymous

    his stuff sucks ppl should be listening to somthing better than him

  • Bieberluva12

    i actually think this is pretty good. dont normally like his stuff

  • Anonymous

    woah then you need your ears checked lol

  • Anonymous

    well your a beliebers so of course you like him

  • me

    hahahaha this boy HAS a male voice not like the babygirlie of justina bieber!

    I LIKE cody ;9

  • Anonymous

    this kid is soo much better than Bieber

  • Anonymous

    see how long it takes for “Simpson fever” or something similar to that start taking over twitter TT’s.

  • Anonymous

    see how long it takes for “Simpson fever” or something similar to that start taking over twitter TT’s.