Credit: @ mileyinformer. +1 in Lisbon. Thx @WELOVEMILEY!

  • Wish

    She looks uncomfortable. Back away…

  • Moonbeam

    That’s from the EMAs after party. The guy is from Jackass, they were part of the show.

  • ShannaBannie

    Dude gives me the creeps..

  • Sarcasm was always intended

    wtf ew old dude

  • Anonymous

    Thats Ryan Dunn from jackass!!!!!!

  • realistgangsta

    yeah i knew he was from jackass

  • Anonymous

    Did you guys know selena gomez had sex with vinny
    I swear check the access hollywood video see when he asks her about vinny
    Face hand eye movements
    No jk spread the news

  • SmashHeadonKeyboard

    Is that Ryan Dunn?? If so… He is so awesome :P

  • Katherine

    Pretty sure that’s Ryan Dunn from Jackass. Not the guy from The Hangover.

  • Coolizzz

    Euuww.. creepy. Miley stop it! xD

  • Moonbeam

    LOL, the Jackass guys probably got Miley drunk at the EMAs party.
    Then she went back to her hotel room and took a nude picture of herself and sent it to Jared from Kings of Leon.
    It makes all sense now. ;)

  • Anonymous

    creepy guy

    but i mean if thats the kind of attention she wants…

  • Anonymous

    lmao that’s ryan dunn.


    This is very disgusting.

  • blabla

    That guy looks like the guy from The Hangover…rofl

  • Anonymous

    yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw him :D

  • Ashleyy.

    Zach Galifianakis ?!?1!?!?!??1?1

  • Anonymous

    eww wtf is she doing letting that creepy old dude get so close

  • cincinna

    thats ryan dunn from jackass

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    Empire_State_of_Mind said:
    That guy looks like the guy from The Hangover…rofl

    Hahaha I know, right?!

  • taylorllama

    she looks constipated

  • xSweetCandyxx

    That guy is freakyyy…

  • Anonymous


  • NileyisWin

    she seemed to really enjoy herself…

  • Anonymous

    what club was this exactly ? and wow, who’s the pervert?

  • Anonymous

    she doesn’t look very happy in that pic lol

  • MileySaysWow

    she looks giggley and creeped out at the same time. lol

  • joe jonas jonified

    It looks like she’s trying to smile and be nice but she’s really creeped out by that drunk fat ass lol

  • Anonymous

    Two Native American necklaces I see. I wonder how long this phase is gonna last?

  • Delilah_Marie

    Lmao… Srsly Miley looks like she’s about to be molested! RUN,MILEY! He doesn’t actually need to find his puppy! D;

  • xMerryh

    hm, and here i thought that was kevin smith.. lol

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a slut.. oh she is a slut!

  • Elio Armato

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  • Anonymous
    mileys nudes! uncensored!

  • Anonymous

    creepy, he dun roofied that drink for hur

  • Anonymous

    Why is she wearing a illuminati shirt? freak

  • Anonymous

    guy in picture under main is kinda wierd, js.

  • MusicLover14

    the dude is Ryan Dunn from Viva La Bam

  • Anonymous

    This guy is RYAN DUNN, from JACKASS.
    He’s fuckin’ amazing.

  • Rainey

    idk if i want to click on that or not.

  • make you change

    ooo godd the chick in the picture isnt mileyy you can seee it perfectlyy when y0u see the hairr.. it seemess cutted.. anywayss .. good photoshop

  • MileyIsMyRoleModel

    Miley looks a little scared by this guy!! :/ i Love Miley anyways

  • Emma

    That guy is reaaally giving me the creeps!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its ryan dunn douche bags!!! do u not no anything besides teen stars???????????

  • Bubble Gum

    joe jonas jonified said:

    It looks like she’s trying to smile and be nice but she’s really creeped out by that drunk fat ass lol
    I would be pretty creeped out if that man came up to me!

  • Anonymous


  • PaintedSinfully

    That’s what I thought.

  • Empire_State_of_Mind

    That guy looks like the guy from The Hangover…rofl

  • Anonymous

    OMG RYAN DUNN!!! haha they both are weirdly my 2 fav people!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    don’t care if you hate on me.shes been acting slutty lately and it’s annoying.but i still like her:/

  • TTFrutti

    She looks extremly uncomfortable… Haha.

  • Empire_State_of_Mind

    that guy is a creep…

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Dunn :D he’s lovely lol

  • Sophie

    This is just creepy

  • teamnobody

    is she trying to finger herself

  • Anonymous

    hes giving it to Miley hard

  • Anonymous

    who is that guy? he is….. no comment!

  • jackass

    It’s Ryan Dunn from jackass. Love Jackass boyz.

  • tiffywiffy1991

    thats Ryan Dunn from Jackass films!!

  • BabyYoureAFirework

    yep cuz that’s cute alright


    Woah oh..

  • Ashleyy.

    LMAO. Eww.

  • yougottheLOVE

    that is the sexiest man ive ever seen.

  • SunLight Princess

    There is nothing ‘cute’ about her. Just saying..

  • mileyistheboss

    Old pictures from the emas I think

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the comedian that was on an episode of World Of Jenks??? Anybody??

  • Anonymoussssdssddddsssssss

    that’s either the guy (Zach) from hangover or the guy from jackass!
    cool picture though:D