Elle Fanning, 12, leaving ballet class wearing Uggs this weekend. Elle featured in Teen Vogue online: ‘I just had a breakthrough! I did three pirouettes in a row. Afterward, I screamed with happiness.’

On why she’s an actress: ‘I grew up seeing her [Dakota] do it, so I wanted to try it too! ..My favorite part of my job is portraying different types of people. As long as I’m drawn to a character, I’ll try it‘. On her face: ‘I have sensitive skin, so I need to use a face wash that’s pure. If it’s too perfumy, I break out.’ Photos: Limelight.

  • Britini95

    I think it’s nice she has an interest in both ballet and acting! But please, burn those Uggs…

  • CupcakezLover

    Hey, getting a triple at 12 years old is pretty good. :) She seems sweet.

  • LovatoLoveXO

    …SHE GOT A TRIPPLE omg i have her i barely got a double but concidering i have been dancer for a couple of mouths that is good :D my sister got 5 once but normally gets 4

  • Anonymous

    if she dances espesh doin ballet why is she wearing uggs?? they are really bad for your ankles

  • NileyisWin

    sorry, i don’t see anything pretty about her.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    She’s 12?!

  • MyWorldHaters

    its so hard to believe shes twelve. im twelve and i dont look like a twelve year old i look about 14-15 years old

  • Anonymous