Emma Roberts Independent Film Awards


Emma Roberts & Freddie Highmore @ British Independent Film Awards.

  • BirthdayCake

    When did Freddie get so much older? I still picture him as a little guy.

  • Wish

    She looks so gorgeous, and her dress…<3

  • twycgnb

    she’s pretty

  • Anonymous

    I love her and her dress <3

  • Anonymous

    luv her dress:)

  • Chelsea-Rose

    She looks lovely :)

  • wtfbecca

    People always tell me I look like her.

    Her and Jamie Lynn Spears.

    : )

  • Anonymous

    omg I love your icon!!! Freddie and Effy are so cutee

  • Entertainmentlove

    she makes stupid faces

  • Anonymous

    why is she famous? cuz of her aunt? she looks like a horse and is not a good actress!!

  • Anonymous

    flawless <3

  • DieMannschaft

    She looks gorgeous (;