Mdot CATCH ME Demi Lovato Cover

  • May

    totally agree <3

  • Natalie

    So, umm that was amazing! MDot is a mix of charisma, talent, and MORE talent! He is a great performer, and he “owns the crowd” just the lyrics in “TEAR IT DOWN!” He is honestly bringing a new fresh sound to the music industry, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear this talent! He is truly blessed, and he use the talents that God has given him. I love how he incorporates his fans, and he makes them apart of the show. Although, I have only seen him perform live once, I definitely know that I want to see him again.

    This video is amazing! This is just the beginning of his career , and I know we all need to be on the look at for MDot. Not only does he sing, but he dances, acts, and plays the guitar. I really hope I can meet him one day and tell him how inspiring and wonderful his music is. He is taking fans on this epic journey with him, and that’s crazy ;)! I have met several fans, and we have been brought together because of Mdot. It’s crazy that he could help cultivate these relationships, because we all have a love for music! Love all the songs he performed, and this video exemplifies his amazing voice! I really hope to see him in a show sometime soon, and MAYBE meet him ;)!

  • adw014

    i love anybody who supports demi (:

  • camm

    notice how he says he is not allowed to sing this song. i wonder if disney told him that.

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    MARYY MEE MISTER FINLEY PLEAASSSEEEE!!!he sang “officially missing you” One of my favorite song , marry me marry me ,kaay stop :(

  • Britini95

    This is definately one of my favorite Demi songs! I would have liked to hear him sing the whole song, though.

  • rociojonas15

    OMG!!! i love him, and i love the song!!!. that´s awesome!

  • rociojonas15

    Yeah :O maybe, him is supporting demi!… Who knows :S

  • rociojonas15

    Yeah :O maybe, him is supporting demi!… Who knows :S

  • NotYou

    I miss Demi =/
    I hope she is doing well =)
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  • Ftw.

    aw this shows he cares about demi, his supporting her. how cute !

  • CurlySue

    Mdot is fantastic. and his eyes, they’re gorgeous.
    by the way, I think he misses demi??? ;)
    lol jk <3

  • CurlySue

    Mdot is fantastic. and his eyes, they’re gorgeous.
    by the way, I think he misses demi??? ;)
    lol jk <3

  • May

    he’s so fucking awesome! I’m totally in love! <3

  • CurlySue

    Awww and I actually just had a dream of Demi O_o

    That first I was watching the news and it was all “And Demi Lovato: How is she doing???” *cuts to commercial*

    and then the scene changed to December 14 and on oceanup it read that Demi is out of treatment and there were new pictures of her O.o i was like… aw WOO!

    hahahah. and seriously I’m not even her biggest fan. (like i love the girl but im not obsessed really..)

    then again. I once dreamt of rihanna and j biebs. in the same dream..

  • Ces

    bello, realmente se merece todo lo que le esta pasando!! saludos de Argentina, we love him so much @mdotarg

  • Cassie

    He’s such a sweet guy! I love him! <3 Oceanup you should post more stuff on him :)

  • Christine

    Here is Mdot performing “Fire” on the same day!

    I hope you all enjoyed BOTH (above and this one) of my videos of Mdot! (:

  • never change

    nice =)

  • lollipop1


  • CoolerThanU

    that’s really sweet of him <3

  • Street Team MDOT CHILE


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    but I hate his way of singing it “keep it slowwWWWwwwWWW”

  • Anonymous

    Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! FIRE!!


  • ST Mdot Chile

    he’s totally cool and he’s so good as singer! :D WE LOVE HIM!

  • Anonymous

    I Love Him – HE supports DEMI

  • NileyisWin

    wow, he’s really gooood !

  • HeckYesJonas

    i love that song :D

  • Anonymous

    sending a message? he supports demi?

  • Anonymous

    add more of matt we love him!

  • Anonymous

    he is incredible:)

  • stephanie

    Mdot is the shit.

  • Lauren S.

    Soo Amazing :)
    He doesnt get enough credit :p