Justin Bieber John Waters MUSTACHE


Justin Bieber paid tribute to filmmaker John Waters but drawing on a pencil-thin mustache like him, reports Baltimore Sun. Justin & John became friends after meeting on The Graham Norton Show. Justin told him: ‘Your ‘stache is the jam.’

John: ‘Thank you. Thank you very much [He then pulled an eyebrow pencil from his pocket] If you want to try it.. Can I draw it on you?’ Justin replied, ‘I’m good. Maybe later.’ Justin was later spotted leaving an upscale Indian restaurant with the fake mustache.

  • Anonymous

    Fake and gay.

  • Anonymous

    BAHAHAHAHA there is only one good thing of this…INDIAN FOOD!!!!!!!!! that means alot to indians…in a bad way dude…LOL

  • Anonymous

    Uh, god why? Justin Bieber should never be allowed to be in the presence of the wonderful and glorious John Waters.

  • Anonymous

    wow indian food…!!! my fav–malai kofta!!!

  • FloBuongermini

    eww, justin is so fucking ugly, he’s ridiculous

  • savannahbieber

    i think it is hilarious and adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Yum Indian food.

  • Anonymous

    what’s he holding? it looks like some controller for something…