Miley Ray Cyrus is auctioning off her clothing & accessories on eBay to benefit her partnership program with YSA, Get Ur Good On. Program includes a social network that connects youth with volunteer and service opportunities in and around their communities and provides grants directly to youth-led service

projects. Miley: ‘I mostly set-up this site because I want everyone to know your story and what you have accomplished and I want you guys to be able to have a voice and share with the world everything you’ve done because it’s so important.

Big or small, no matter what you may think that it has made a difference & you have changed a life.’ The auction begins on December 9 items include 2 leather jackets she wore at red carpet events & 5 personalized autographed pictures of her. Visit Miley’s Closet and bid today!

  • mfan

    Well, I see she has the auction posted on her official site.

  • mels

    Hay hay haayy

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  • mfan

    I’m not seeing the auction. Are we sure it’s today?