Pictured leaving her Paris hotel.

  • dilemma

    who’s this rackoon ? :D (spelling) ?

    just kidding don’t kill me

  • Anonymous

    I respect her for saying “it’s none of your business”, she will defend herself against stupid questions. I kind of feel sorry for her she looks very uncomfortable & that guy making faces is annoying.

  • Sarcasm was always intended

    take that motherfucking make-up off,you look horrible

  • Anonymous

    It was really stupid ! She spoke something like 5mins, but & the rest of the guest was talking all the time ! But she was really awesome & nice : )

  • TRU3Mil3YK$FAN

    U suck OCEANUP!! how could u be against Christians!:(

  • MeganCopperfield

    That lady in the blue dress was kind of been rude! She asked Taylor if she did drugs and that’s when Taylor answered “that’s none of your business”. I’m actually beginning to kinda like Taylor, I mean, I would never be like her but to me honesty is probably the most important quality and Taylor obviously has that quality. I have to admit, she’s pretty cool (despite the fact that she hates a lot) and she knows what floats her boat.

  • Anonymous

    She is awesome ! (:
    I Love her <3