Chris Brown BEACH BOY


Chris Brown, wearing a winter hat, hanging out on the beach in Miami, FL with love interest Jasmine Sanders & bulldog puppy. Chris was getting comfortable & affectionate with Jasmine near the water but once they spotted paparazzi she moved away. Photos: Fame.

  • JoeHoe15

    Chris’s dog makes me miss Winston..

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    perfect gf for Winston

  • Anonymous

    love him <3

  • Watch your back

    Cool. :P

  • whatthefudge

    I didn’t know who jasmine sanders was so i searched her up and she kinda looks like Rihanna in one of the pictures when she first came out with like SOS and pon de replay. Idk it might just be me.

  • Marge.

    i love chris (:

  • Anonymous

    How is it that an abuser has a gf..

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute, the bull dog that is – maybe a future girlfriend for Joe’s Winston? As for Chris, there is never an excuse for hitting anyone, let along a girl but … give the guy a second chance to prove himself. I know shit sticks but as none of us truly know what went on ……

  • aaliyahnoelle

    thats not jasmine sanders by the way. he and jasmine broke up.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    poor dog. hope he never gets chris mad or else he’ll get a beating :(

  • RZAnonymous

    thats not Jasmine Sanders that girl is a snake thats Kae neither of them are good for chris but he’s ony 21 that comment about his interest being in the dog is so funny! teambreezy love you chris!

  • Anonymousrz

    Christopher Maurice Brown you are truly amazing <3

  • Mgee12


  • Anonymous

    the dog has a very detailed vagina

  • WakaWakaEhEh


  • Anonymous

    your icon sucks lmfao

  • Anonymous


  • carbomb__

    He looks more interested in the dog than the girl. lol

  • yesaella
  • Anonymous

    OMFG! The dog is soooo cute! XD

  • Anonymous

    stinks to be bfs with a boy that hit a girl.. i wonder if she worries at all

  • addy

    thats not jasmine sanders. ahahhaha. look her up, her and that girl look nothing alike.

    idk who he’s with in those pictures tho.

  • Anonymous

    hes so cute
    but isnt he hot in that sweater and hat in Miami lol