Elle Fanning featured in INTERVIEW. Favorite designers? Lord, it’s hard to say. I wore the Marc Jacobs dress, so I love Marc Jacobs. He has a vintage flair. But I’ve always worn a lot of vintage stuff, so it hasn’t been a lot of designers. If I see something that I like, I just buy it.

Do you share clothes w/ Dakota? Yes. We’re sort of the same size. I’m taller than her, though ..She does not like that at all. [both laugh] She probably doesn’t like me wearing her clothes either, but we do still share. I sneak into her closet and grab things out and put them on. She’s a senior, so she’s going to college soon. But we share a bathroom. Photo Credit: Stephen Pan.

  • taylorllama

    Noah Cyrus should be taking notes from this girl.

  • camm

    she is adorbs and a really good little actress! i cannot believe shes only like 12!

  • CupcakezLover

    Awww <3

  • Mgee12

    shes so cute<3

  • bammmxx

    personally, i think the fanning sisters both matured too early. like, they don’t seem like they had much of a “childhood.” but i guess that’s cause they were in the spotlight so early.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly. But we haven’t seen every aspect of their lives. Let’s hope to whatever you believe in that they did have a childhood.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    this girl is insanely talented and pretty.

  • Anonymous

    wow i love that dress!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she can be Emma Stone’s sister in the title picture

  • Anonymous

    Gosh I remember when they were teeny tiny kids! They’re both so pretty (her and dakota) and so talented. I guess acting def. runs in the family!

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    the fanning sisters <3

  • EmmaLC

    Noah Cyrus should be taking notes from this girl.