• Anonymous

    such beautiful eyes! I love you JB!

  • Anonymous

    k everyone shut up mouth. everyone gets acne . hes going through puberty so shut up. he has beautifiul skin. all his fans should love him for who he is, hes changing the world. im going to buy those headphones. their sick! and ps, i guess montreal fans are the best, anyways were the loudest crowd he said :)

  • whatthefudge

    Yeahhh i’m like one of those people who buy a $200 ipod and buy $15 headphones because $170 is just ridiculous for buying a pair of headphones that i can easily break. I like the spider man headphones tho.

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    i didnt see acne on his nose.. just a pimple between his eyebrows

  • Anonymous

    calm yo titz on the whole headphone thing.

  • Anonymous

    awh, he looks so tired.
    he’s so overworked. tell him he needs a break! :)

  • Grace

    omg justin bieber on Detox!!! HAHAHAH what a joke. JB has talent, but u no mess with DRE LOL

  • Mgee12

    i Want them!

  • BieberJonasMC


  • BieberJonasMC


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    purfume..nail vanish..trading cards..and now head phones? O.O
    His so vain and such a poofter, I mean, he must love himself if he believed tons of ppls are ganna spend money on his branded shit

  • caro0 cro0ssa

    OH SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!, he just wants to get more in touch with his fansS!!, thats all!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah because fans can REALLY afford $170 dollar headphones…

  • Anonymous

    ..does anyone else see that little pimple? im serious.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha he has some serious acne on his nose.

    and sorry justin, not everyone’s as rich as you.
    seriously nobody wants a pair of your sh*tty headphones when the $15 dollar kind work fine.

  • Anonymous

    did anyone notice he’s human? It’s normal to get acne. When someone makes a joke on something your really insecure about, i can’t lie it hurts like a bitch. So stop with the rude comments, because I bet you wouldn’t want someone picking on something your insecure about. True, but yet they can still afford a pricy ipod.

  • crazybeautifulLife

    ^ well im buying them.
    YOU MAD?

  • biebers lover

    aaaaaaaw spider man headphones! thats the cutest thing ever! :)

  • crazybeautifulLife

    ^ well im buying them. U MAD?