Saoirse Ronan THE WAY BACK


Saoirse Ronan, 16, @ ‘The Way Back’ photocall in Madrid, Spain.

  • Anonymous

    i love that they finally write about her i love her! also she has the same name as me!

  • Anonymous

    isnt her name sheer-sha? i say that :L

  • Anonymous48

    love her <3

    definitely my favorite actress!

  • Anonymous

    I love her! She recently did the lovely bones. She’s from Ireland and her name is pronounced sur-sha. For those who don’t know lol.

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she was a whole lot prettier in the Lovely Bones. here she just looks average, blonde hair straight and tons of eye makeup. In their, her minimal makeup gave her an ethereal look

  • EmmaLC

    She’s gorgeous!

  • liiiiisa

    Wow, OceanUP, you actually posted about a real actress and not idiots like Taylor Momsen. Love Saoirse <3

  • never change

    she has grown so much

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY Oceanup posts Saoirse.
    She is beautiful and so talented.

  • NeverShoutNeverrr

    She’s beautiful.