Taylor Momsen FORGET YOU Live Cover

Performing new single ‘Just Tonight’ under + looking flawless walking!

  • Anonymous

    she is so talented and looks beautiful :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    The girl has talent. Love her.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, can’t help but love how she SINGS. And she just made me a fan of that song

  • Anonymous

    she can’t sing, i don’t know what the fuck you guys are talking about.

    i heard she’s nice to fans though, which makes me like her. she’s also pretty when she wears non-goth makeup

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME i LOVE her voice!!!!

  • Mary Boland

    I like that she/s different i love her voice
    and im not really into like crazy metal but her songs are actually beautiful

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    This is awesome :)
    she is great

  • Anonymous

    love tpr <3
    can’t understand all the hate :)

  • whatthefudge

    She’s actually a good singer.

  • love your math, oceanup <3

    WTF? FORGET YOU?!?!?!
    HAHAHAHAH, here in europe the song is called fuck you and they sing fuck you instead of forget you, it’s played uncensored on radio.. so WTF??

  • rose123


  • Anonymous

    woah, I didn’t expect her to be so good. she’s pretty too, so why isn’t she more famous?

  • HayleyBee

    Huh. That was really good.

  • Anonymous

    i avoided listening to her for so long just for the fact i didnt wanna listen to her. so that was my first time hearing her sing and shes actually good i liked it, very surprised

  • _liesyoutold

    I’m actually starting to love this band again.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought Taylor would have a bad voice, but she can actually sing(:

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  • LucyWhite

    It’s a mash-up of FU and Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder OU!

  • Anonymous


  • Entertainmentlove


  • ellelovesjonas


  • Kara

    Wow. I definitely wasnt expecting her to have a good voice, I’m impressed

  • UhYeah.


  • Anonymous

    LOVE Taylor Momsen’s voice and I support her immensely. People are such haters these days.

  • Anonymous


  • .-.-.-.

    i dont really like her but she is actually a good singer. surprised

  • Kaylee Kendall Grace

    i think it’s ridiculous that she says that she hates anything but rock n roll..but she covers cee lo green..way to be hypocritical tay..