Ashley Tisdale SALON SASSY


Sassy Disney star Ashley Tisdale wearing her new faux fur coat to stay warm going out to the salon to get new hair & while out to coffee with her boyfriend Scott Speer in West Hollywood this weekend. Fame, Limelight.

  • Anonymous

    soo she keeps on wearing those coats :B I like everything except them

  • TrueHollywoodGossip

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  • Anonymous

    love her <3

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    bitch, animals have the same right to live like the humans

  • jackie.r.

    wow, RELAX.
    she said it was faux
    on her twitter.
    Geez. :/

    Anyway, lovee her. :D

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  • Anonymous

    ewww why that coat? its really ugly looking. i dont get it?

  • Anonymous

    supposedly even faux fur has some real fur!
    some coats and other apparel that contained faux fur trimming and such were tested in the laboratory and turns out that even if it doesn’t indicate that theres fur on the label, animal fur could have been used :(
    see for yourself here…

  • Oh SNAP

    that coat better be faux fur, Ashley.

  • lalalove

    What’s up with this girl and fur?
    Ew, I certainly do not like her anymore.
    PETA, get that bitch!

  • Anonymous

    i hope it was synthetic fur

  • Anonymous
  • your love is off the chain

    looove her.. and her coat<3

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous and always has the best bags

  • Anonymous

    It’s faux fur…

    She said that in her tweet that she’s currently obsessed with faux fur.


  • Anonymous

    OMG it does not even look that cold for her to have that huge coat on
    her bf does not even have a jacket on

  • Twilightlover:)

    Oh SNAP said:

    that coat better be faux fur, Ashley.

    i totally agree 100%!:)