Thx Giselle!

  • Anonymous

    Happy for them < 3 I love Tokio Hotel !

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  • SomeonewholovesTH

    OMG … They’re so HAPPY, finally their Dream came true, but they also say that another dream is that they want to be the 1st BAND to play in other planet haha … They’re crazy! & TH IS THE BEST BAND
    even Lady Gaga is a FAN of them ! :)

  • justsayin’

    Cool, they finally made it to Tokyo! Now what’s next? I mean they’re getting pretty well known around the world now and they finally made it to Tokyo, so now what?

  • Kuwin

    Love these pictures! It’s a dream come true for Tokio Hotel to go to Tokyo! =D

  • Anonymous

    hope they will become very famous in japan :D
    they deserve that, and every hater is jealous.
    theyre famous and something important in the world, u noobs aren’t ^^

    losers <3

  • Anonymous

    Bill Kaulitz is so cute! <3

  • leapyear92

    Finallyyyyy :D they fulfilled their ultimate goal! They named the band for this dream and now tokio hotel is safe n sound in a hotel in Tokyo lol <3 I’ve never seen them so happy like this b4

  • CurlySue
  • Anonymous

    Bill’s smile… :D

  • JessKaulitz

    Historical DAY
    i have to say!!
    i love this guys :D

  • cathee

    they look so freaking happy <3333333

  • Aratokita

    They´re the best in all over the world!!!!!!!!!! xD xD xD

    I LOVE THEM!!!!

  • Humanoid_Alien

    They finally made it to Tokyo. woot!!! Go Tokio Hotel. Love you guys.

  • Delilah_Marie


  • Anonymous

    finally! :D they look soo happy! it’s so cute

  • Anonymous

    Yay! I’m so happy for them! Bill looks so cute and happy!

  • Anonymous


  • Doll483


    I love them. <3

  • Anonymous

    soooooo awesome :D love themm

  • Tokio Hotel USA

    It’s always so cool to see Tokio Hotel on Ocean UP! If you fans are looking for the Official USA fanclub, come to

  • Queengiselle

    ur welcome OU :)

    and yaay for tokio hotel!

  • LolitaM

    They are so cute
    They seems so happy to finally be in Tokyo :)
    Love u guys <3

  • @eryckuhecstas

    oh my gosh Tokio Hotel finally in Tokyo!!

  • eryskulls

    oh my gosh Tokio Hotel finally in Tokyo they look so happy yay for them

  • Anonymous

    They finally made it to Tokyo :D yay

  • Anonymous

    <3 i love these guys <3
    so cute and happy

  • Pearlyn

    Oh yeah? How about Joe Jonas?
    At least they make greater music, you can’t deny. :D

  • sexbob-omb

    How’re they weird? Care to explain? Because I don’t see how being skinny can make someone classified as weird or whatever you meant. They’re just guys living out their dream. & I for one am happy that they’ve finally made it to Tokyo! :}

  • LizzieHawkins

    those dudes are so weird.
    SO skinny.

  • Anonymous

    you’re the one thats weird

  • francescaTH

    How are they weird?
    Yes, they are skinny, but they also have muscle. Have you seen the veins on their arms?
    Plus, MOST guys that are in bands are pretty skinny. It’s just a body type, you don’t have to like it, but it’s something you should accept.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about jonas bro..At least tokio hotel arent lookin hairy n old lol *PEACE*

  • Sturmischen

    Its great to see them having fulfilled another of their dreams and looking so happy ^_^ Its amazing to see that they’re finally in Tokyo.

  • CurlySue

    tokio in tokyo

  • CurlySue


  • CurlySue


  • CurlySue


  • CurlySue


  • Anna Go die
  • Anonymous

    Dec 12, 2010 @ 12:39 pm
    CurlySue said:
    tokio in tokyo


  • CurlySue

    ~forever alone~

  • debbie

    nice shirt bill. when r we gonna see the nip ring!!! its about time we do.

  • debbie

    nice shirt bill. when r we gonna see the nip ring!!! its about time we do.

  • debbie

    nice shirt bill. when r we gonna see the nip ring!!! its about time we do.

  • honey

    love TH forever,happy for thier achievment..and one more thing,can you kndely post more news bout them

  • RedenInZimmer483

    oh, they look so happy!!! and i can’t get over the cuteness of Bill in his hat!!!!
    i’m so proud of them, finally achieving the ultimate dream…..all that’s really left is the US (they REALLY need to come here so we can have some sensible music/idols for a change) and they’ll have it all.
    super internationale.

  • Anonymous

    Oh!!! I SUPER LOVE TOKIO HOTEL!!! It’s their first time there! Hope they will be famous soon in the country…