Holiday Message from Nat & Alex Wolff

Nat Wolff turns 16 years old today!

  • Anonymous

    wow they’re such fags.

  • asmoothcriminal

    What the hell?
    When did Nat get attractive?

  • Anonymous

    the nake brothers band show was soo good. especially the drama with rosalina. they should of never cancelled it

  • Anonymous

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  • Derrian

    ewh they are soo weird. they havent been on tv for like 4 years what happened to them? they can hardly sing too

  • KBsuckers

    they’re not that cute, so not relevant to me.

  • Anonymous

    nat wolff, it seems you hair has obtained its own area code. GET A HAIR CUT.

  • TrueHollywoodGossip

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  • Anonymous

    theyre cute

  • Nat_lover94

    I think Nat is hot! always did… but now…. he’s a “man” and hes sexy!! :))

  • christmascash

    Lol, I love them. Nat’s still cute imo.


    what ever happened to them? they just kinda…. dissappeared.

  • TalitaDBatista

    HAHAHA, they’re hilarious, always loved them :D
    Nat’s voice is soooo deep and sexy *-* HEHE

  • MwahMiley


    I used to love Nat like, so much. A few years ago, when Naked Brothers Band was still a TV show. He was so cute back then. But now they’re just all weird and shit. They kinda disappeared. They’re not really famous anymore, it makes me sad, I’m sure they’re lovely, haha.

  • yelyah

    Ew!They are so UNattractive..

  • Anonymous

    VERY TRUE!! i love their new sound they’re so much better now. makin a come back!

  • itscaitlinx3

    they’re really good people (:
    & yeah they’ve been working so hard on their new album. I’ve heard some of the songs, and it’s a total new sound. No more naked brothers band stuff! you guys should really check them out. they’re really great :)

  • Anonymous

    omg i love them. ahha they’re so funny<3

    everyone should go buy their album in the spring. it’s going to be really good. totally new sound.
    they aren’t the naked brothers band anymore. they’ve changed their whole sound/image. so give them another chance!


    i forgot about them

  • _liesyoutold

    Oh? They’re still alive?

  • _liesyoutold

    I used to like Nat Wolff a lot. Like, really, A LOT. He used to be sooo attractive