Nicole Anderson, ‘Demi Lovato Is Young’


Nicole Anderson ABS. On JONAS role: ‘It was my first stable job so it was, ‘Wow, this is awesome, I’m gonna be able to do what I really love to do on a regular basis.’ And then I booked it with my best friend and the Jonas Brothers. It was a win-win-win all over the place. When we came back for the second season,

I found out Nick and I would be love interests on the show so I was, like, ‘That’s not a shabby job’ (laughs). He’s a really, really cool guy.‘ On mature roles: ‘I’m not going crazy and wanting to take my clothes off on HBO or anything like that (laughs). I wouldn’t want to do anything that I will be embarrassed to have my dad see (laughs).’ On Demi Lovato’s breakdown:

‘I think with Demi, she is a young girl, she’s a teenager. Every teenager goes through their angst phase, you know, where they wanna rebel, kinda go through teenage hormone issues. Unfortunately for her she has to do it in the spotlight.’

Her mom Anami is a native of a small town in Negros Occidental, Philippines. She joked about what her mother would do to her if she got out of control: ‘Oh, definitely it’s my Filipino mom. (laughs) She’ll chase me around with a wooden stick. (laughs) No.’ She loves Filipino food: ‘My favorite’s halo-halo and I love sinigang and pancit. My mom makes me these vegetarian egg rolls. I also have a tattoo on my ribcage and one of the things on it says ‘Mahal kita.’’ (I love you).

  • Anonymous

    umm I thought Nicole was 19? And Demi is 18 so….

  • Anonymous

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  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    17, 2010 @ 09:34 am
    _liesyoutold said:
    Awh. She loves sinigang, halo-halo and pancit! (: mahal ka din namin, Nicole!


  • Anonymous

    she is amazing I really love and admire

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah Filipino pride!!! Mahal ka din namin Nicole!!

  • littlesunset

    Haha, I love her. (:
    I didn’t know she had a tattoo? that’s awesome. wait, there’s more than one? I wanna get thaat.

    Pinoy Pride! <3

  • JonasCandyMusic

    sinigang is a fish soup, halo-halo is a sort of ice cream and pancit are noodles with vegetables. Almost the same like chinese noodles. :)

    I’m also a half Filipina and my father is german. :D

  • Katie.

    Anonymous said:
    umm I thought Nicole was 19? And Demi is 18 so….
    she’s 20.

  • Abbie

    Nicole is so beautiful she’s totally right i love her!

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  • Anonymous

    Cuteee. Half Filipino pala si Nicole. Galing talaga ng Pinoy! Haha tama! Ansarap lahat nun. =))) Halo-Halo forever.

  • Anonymous

    Taga Pinas ka no? hahaha malamang. :)))

  • HayleyBee

    Aw. I like her.

  • TheDirtyUglyTruth

    Huh? Who is this exactly??

  • Hibz.

    Dec 17, 2010 @ 08:06 am
    TheDirtyUglyTruth said:
    Huh? Who is this exactly??
    Hmm… I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say that it’s NICOLE ANDERSON.

    I don’t know though.
    I mean, the title clearly doesn’t state that or anything…

  • xJonasXCandyx

    IA with her..

  • Spy in Disguise

    I agree with Nicole, a little bit, but I think that people should just stop talking about the Demi issue. Yeah, it is big news that Demi entered rehab, but it’s getting boring now.

  • Bieber-baby

    i agree with Nicole A
    because Demi was big news
    but she aint now
    since she wwent into rehab

  • LilaBabiuk

    own… Nicole is so sweet… I really like her!

  • Anonymous

    she’s filipino

    mabuhay…maybe she respond on twitter

  • Mrs.DavidArchuleta

    Isn’t Vanessa Hudges like..half filipino too?

  • _liesyoutold

    Awh. She loves sinigang, halo-halo and pancit! (: mahal ka din namin, Nicole!