Whole world loves Justin Bieber! From @arielrawrr: Johnny Depp was at Justin’s Miami, December 18 concert at American Airlines Arena. I was waiting for Justin to come out from the arena to his tour bus when Johnny Depp came out and rolled down his car window and waved.

  • Anonymous

    Johnny depp you got better things to do than to waste your time watchin justin bieber!

  • Anonymous

    some of you are dumb as f@ck. He has a daughter and son. Most likely his daughter is a justin (eww) fan. you people act like he had on an “I love justin t-shirt” on. RME

  • Anonymous

    Whole world?!!! WTF??! And me and others are what?? :DDD

  • Anonymous

    i love johnny depp
    im a huge fan i know everything about him.
    okay that sounds creepy.
    i hate justin bieber.
    i agree with you guys.
    its prob for his daughter

  • Anonymous

    Dec 19, 2010 @ 06:36 pm
    Anonymous said:
    some of you are dumb as f@ck. He has a daughter and son. Most likely his daughter is a justin (eww) fan. you people act like he had on an “I love justin t-shirt” on. RME

  • MissSmiley

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME -_________________-

  • lovemyjonas17

    he was there for his kids. he was NOT there for himself! hes not that stupid. what person in their right mind would go see justin bieber in concert voluntery. its either that he went for his kids or someone obviously had a gun to his back. so ima go with the first one.

  • dakotina

    Let’s all pray for him ! he needs it !

  • Anonymous

    No oceanup, the world doesn’t love Bieber if the majority hates him.

  • dakotina

    but , i he haves a kids , so …

  • KBsuckers

    Johnny :(

  • Anonymous

    That’s not Johnny, just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Omg i love johnny!!! He smells soo good!

  • ljs1202

    I’m pretty sure it was for Johnny’s daughter, Lily Rose.

  • Anonymous

    johnny has kids ( a little girl) so thats who he probably(most likeley) took to the concert to see him

  • omg wtf lolz

    OMFG JOHNNY DEPP! *girl-boner*

  • thedarksunshine

    I would have been like, “SCREW JUSTIN! JOHHHHNNNNNNYYYY!” *jumps on his car*

  • Anonymous

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  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    johnnny depp<3 ..& ew..i thought he had better taste in music

  • Anonymous

    he took his child to see the concert, he doesn’t like him, oh god.

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    I thought he had better taste in music:( haha jk.. not really :)

  • kendra joy bethune

    oh really jhonny depp is a bieber fan

  • Anonymous


  • Wish

    And I thought Johnny had good taste in music… smfh. -____-

  • ThatShouldBeMe

    thats cool

  • Anonymous

    well if i got to meet johnny depp, i’d go to a justin bieber concert too.

  • Anonymous

    everyone loves bieber.

  • iMystified

    He better have been at that concert for his daughter…I swear.

  • Marcelooo

    Yo cacho q llevo a sus hijas, equis dee

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    i fucking love johnny depp