Chris Brown Completes Violence Course



  • Anonymous

    Once a woman-beater, always a woman-beater.

  • CupcakezLover

    Even though I’ll never forget what he did, I still think he’s talented and I think he does need a second chance.

  • Dari

    I really hope for his sake that he is really moving forward and has become a better person. It was so crazy when I saw those pics of Rihanna’s face, he had to have BLACKED OUT because he tried to kill her. There is no other explanation. I almost laughed at the fact that he was so proud of this like it was a diploma or something, but then I realized that HOPEFULLY it is like one. Hopefully he’s graduating that phase of his life, putting it behind him, and vowing to become a better person. He is super talented, and it would be so sad to see that go to waste.

  • kiss myass

    same here

  • Anonymous

    @bluesfan3410 same

  • Anonymous

    Must be reaaaaaalllll sentimental for him… he folded it

  • Anonymous

    Once a beater, always a beater.

  • HayleyBee

    I thought I was the only one who took that opinion on this topic. I know it’s the most awful thing I could possibly have thought but when I heard about it the only comment I had on it was that she probably deserved it.
    Again, I know that’s awful… But it kind of just “came out”. :\

  • Just Me :)

    Oh SNAP said:

    is it wrong that i LOL’d at this?

    I don’t know if it’s wrong…
    I know it’s mean :(

  • Anonymous

    thats my nigga getting it together he had to go through all that shit over that ronald mcdonald raggedy ann & andy looking bitch but let this be a learn to his ass never go for those crazy ass bitches type i telling you nothing good come from it

  • AnonzymousR

    Yeah I don’t care about that lying cow either team breezy love him with all their heart always have always will congrats Chris breezy we’re so proud of you and will support you forever X

  • Anonymous

    awwww awsome for him!

  • Anonymous

    obviously beating rihanna is wrong but im glad he’s getting past it and getting better. i love his music and it was such a shame his music during that time wasn’t acknowledged because it’s awesome! ironically, i stopped listening to her music instead lol. i just really didn’t like it at all.

  • hey. its me

    He’s still probably going to be seen as the guy who beat up Rihanna. Quite unfortunate. His music’s not bad, and he did pretty well in his tribute to Michael Jackson.

    I agree with the first half of your comment.. but CRYING while you sing an MJ song does NOT make it a good tribute..

  • hey. its me

    Oh SNAP said:
    is it wrong that i LOL’d at this?

    I dont know if its wrong, but you’re definitely not the only one that did lmao

  • erinh404

    yeah i totally loled.
    he’s a douche but i love his songs. hah

  • Marge.

    proud of him.
    people make mistakes, and we’re no one to judge.
    he deserves another chance.
    he makes great music and is a sweet guy.
    get over it, it was ages ago :)

  • starsinoureyes

    as bad as it may sound, i don’t feel bad for her either. i loved him even when i found out what he did.

  • KBsuckers

    not you guys alone i LOL’d so much xD

  • bluesfan3410

    I love him. Never stopped liking him. I don’t feel sorry for Rihanna at all.

  • Anonymous

    That’s good for him. But some of you guys are pretty biased. His talent shouldn’t have factored into it. If it were your friend or family member you wouldn’t be so forgiving.

  • Nicole :)

    Why would you LOL at this.. its a huge accomplishment for him,and i am soo proud of him. It was wrong what he did, but he appoligised and took his punishment well. Stop feeling sorry for Rihanna, shes fine now aint she? Stop hating on Chris Brown for his mistake, we all make mistakes. Like him for his amazing talent and his music, cause its amazing.
    i Will always love you Chris <3 No matter what xxxxxx
    TeamBreezy A.D.W!! :D

  • Anonymous

    good for him :)

  • HailieMathers


  • HBIC

    How can a ‘grown-up’ man beat a women?
    It’s pathetic.

    He was probably drunk. Some people can do craaazy shit when their drunk and they don’t even remember it the next day. It’s still no excuse and sadly idk how he can overcome that..stop drinking I guess?

  • DieMannschaft

    How can a ‘grown-up’ man beat a women?
    It’s pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    why did he even hit her ?! where im from … it has nthn to do with American Stars! were like out of this world !

  • DieMannschaft


    *shaking my head*

  • LovatoLoveXO

    AWWWWW yay 4 him :D

  • _liesyoutold

    Uhm, good for him.

  • Hannah Bongtana

    He’s still probably going to be seen as the guy who beat up Rihanna. Quite unfortunate. His music’s not bad, and he did pretty well in his tribute to Michael Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    yay i’m proud of him

  • kailee

    omg, i love him

  • okGo

    i still love his music
    but no ones ever gonna be able to forget what he did, him and rihanna are always gonna have to live thru that :(

  • Oh SNAP

    is it wrong that i LOL’d at this?

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