Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens Will Reunite?


Friends of Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens believe they’ll reunite, they told New York Post: ‘Zac and Vanessa speak every single day. They wanted some free time, but they’ll get back together. Vanessa wanted time to date other people..

..before locking in for life with Zac.’ Zac recently shaved his head while filming ‘The Lucky Ones‘ in New Orleans. Do YOU think that Zanessa will get married eventually? + Zac showing off his shaved head w/ a fan!


  • xLOLAx
  • Anonymous

    I think they made an official statement through reps if I’m not mistaken and these things are never true. No, just no. They are broken up for good.


    Why should anybody care about celebrity couples?

  • Anonimuss2.Oh

    Dec 23, 2010 @ 11:52 am
    WYLMITE? said:
    Why should anybody care about celebrity couples?


  • Anonymous

    They better not! She does NOT deserve him :P

  • Zanessa 4evz y’all

    YES! thank god, when i found out about their break up i was surprised. i mean you spend 4 years with a guy and if that doesn’t mean love then i don’t know what is.

    they are super cute, love them, ZANESSA forever!

  • ForeverandAlwayss


  • copymonster

    They should totally get married. and have at least 3 babies :’)

  • ForeverandAlwayss

    YES! thank god, when i found out about their break up i was surprised. i mean you spend 4 years with a guy and if that doesn’t mean love then i don’t know what is.

    they are super cute, love them, ZANESSA forever!

    *5 years

  • SimplyCT

    hope so. <3

  • krystinajonas

    yes please. with a zac jr and little baby v :3

  • KBsuckers

    they have to get married dont really like Vanessa but hey they make one heck of a couple :D

  • _liesyoutold

    Of course. They’re meant to be!

  • joash

    zac and vanessa were spotted shopping together yesterday. so i don’t think they actually broke up. someone just made up the stupid rumor and everyone decided to report it.

  • HayleyBee

    Zac’s lookin’ pretty fine with that new haircut of his.

  • Anonymous

    lol at zacs new haircut

  • Garfield_Da_Cat

    I’m sick of this… -.-

    There was NO statement by their reps about any kind of break-up. There was one released through Zac’s rep, but this was not a confirmation, and later this one was dubbed as “false”.
    The thing is, Zac and Vanessa may have never broken up in the first place. About a week ago, eOnline reported that they had split, citing a ‘source’. Sites copied the report, eithr stating ‘a friend’ or a ‘source’. There were no offical statments from either site (unlike with Ryan Reynolds & Scar Jo, for example) and when Vanessa was asked about how things are with Zac, she apparently gave two thumbs up and said, “We’re good”, which could pretty much mean anything. It’s certainly not a confirmation.

    Now all these Gossip Sites report how they “will get back together”, AGAIN citing ‘sources’.

    I think most pages were just out of material, so they made the whole thing up.

  • copymonster

    ICON TEST, 1,2,3, :’) bahaha.

  • Garfield_Da_Cat

    … Also, back to topic: I want them to get married. ^^

  • blabla

    no thank you. I used to run a vanessa fanpage and I was so sick of seeing zacs face everywhere *cringe*

  • urluvismydrugg

    they were shopping together yesterday. several people on twitter and fb saw them. seperately and together at the mall. the day zac comes back to LA, they’re together. that’s gotta say SOMETHING.

  • xLOLAx

    Of course they’ll get back together!

  • urluvismydrugg

    Anonymous said:

    I think they made an official statement through reps if I’m not mistaken and these things are never true. No, just no. They are broken up for good.


    no. neither them nor their reps NEVER made an official statement.
    it’s all “sources” reporting this stuff.

  • CupcakezLover

    Aww, I really hope this is true. <3

  • CupcakezLover

    Oh and this is a cute picture btw.

  • Anonymous

    wern they dating since hsm1 thats a long tiem yeah date other people before you marry anyone if fate bring them back then they will know they are men for eac other

  • JocelynGeee

    Ofcourse they will.

  • Anonymous

    Just, No!

  • Anonymous

    YEESS!! its so obvious that they would be back together. they love eachother and nothing’s gonna change that. i dont think its a break up, they just took time

  • lovelife48

    yes they will :) or at least i hope they will, i love them together!

  • lalalove

    ZAC!!! You can do so much better. Ugh, seriously. Obviously Vanessa would want to get back together with Zac again. He’s totally out of her league. LOL, but he…Damn, he could definitely find someone much better than her. Just saying.

  • whatthefudge

    NO i don’t like his haircut and NO PLEASE i don’t like hudgens, zac deserves better.

  • Anonymous

    If they are broken up, I hope they stay broken up.
    If they are together, I hope they don’t get married.

    I don’t think they’re a cute couple at all.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I 100% believe they will get back together if they are really broken up. This whole thing has always struck me as more of a “break” that will lead to them getting back together and eventually marrying. At least that’s what I hope is going to happen. >:)

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  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    They should totally get married, I love them together :)

  • Anonymous

    I think it sounds sooo corny but if I ever belived in 2 people belonging together it’s Zanessa

  • xSweetCandyxx

    God i hope they will =)

  • Erica

    anyone know where i can find her shirt/dress? its very cute !!!

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  • xLOLAx

    Vanessa is gorgeous…he is not out of her league.

  • Anonymous
    ohmy:( zanessa pictures and this song makes me cry!

  • Anonymous

    i hope so! :D

  • Anonymous

    omfg, zac.
    that hair is just…

  • Anonymous

    If you are friends with Stella, why did they break up in the first place and when did it happen? They seemed so into each other in Hawaii just 2 weeks before the supposed break up happened. I know I don’t know all of the details, but it seems like two people that have been together as long as they have would not have made the decision to end a 5 year relationship over the phone and I don’t remember any reports stating that either of them visited the other after Thanksgiving. They also have always been private about their relationship so I can’t see Zac having Gina, his rep, issue any statement at all about them breaking up. Why alert the media about that? They could have just decided to go their separate ways and the public would just never seemt them together any more and then draw their own conclusions. I personally loved them together and I do hope that the whole “break up” thing is just a rumor. Please tell me that is the LIES that you say is going on.

  • vonvonbon

    woo U.S Marines :)

  • JoeHoe15

    Definitely! I do believe that they’ll end up together. :)

  • zanessa:(


    vanessa is really pretty .. you dont think shes pretty ?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LIES im friends with stella! and they do talk almost everyday but is not for sure that they would get back 2gether.

    i wish they would, they seem so in love

  • Anonymous


  • Lili

    DUH?! for sure, they are meant to be :)


    They probably just met up at the mall so he could give her all her shit back.

  • Anonymous

    AAH !

  • Xx_LoveMiley_xX

    I hope so soooooooooooooo much!!! *________*

  • Anonimuss2.Oh

    Yes, please?

  • NileyisWin

    YES, and have beautifull kiddies :)

  • partyindabaham

    They’re not a cute couple. Hyped but not cute.

  • partyindabaham

    Do YOU think that Zanessa will get married eventually?


  • teamnobody

    how do you make your own icon tHAT MOVES

  • Gearsarealwaysturning


  • myboyinwoods

    i miss them!

  • Anonymous

    i find it hilarious that now all of these “sources” are backtracking…

  • ellie.xx

    no no no no no no no his haircut is just no

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    only time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    yes ! i guess they gave each other space, (as if they dont get enough lol from filming and such) but I guess they didnt officially breakup. but wahtever it is Im giessing they wil get back togther :)

  • MyWorldHaters

    Hopefully its true. They where a really cute couple. I wouldn’t spend five years of my life with someone if i knew it wouldn’t work out. And yes i think they will eventually get married and have baby’s <3

  • Kristeels

    I loved them together, they were my fav couple!

    I think they’ll get back together.

    But Zac, no!! Your hair ;o
    don’t like it…
    Good that it’s for a movie!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They are so cute together, i hope they get back together, i could not bare seeing Zac with another chick. thats just wrong.. lol not really but in my little world it is!

  • yournightmare

    eww he looks ugly like that …