• Nicolelovely

    Why are we even bullshitting anymore? She can’t sing. DONE. She’s cute, she’s young, she’s a decent actress, and she’s attached to Disney, other than that, she has pretty much nothing going for her.

    “one of the most talented singer/songwriters out today” ?! What world is he living in? Or better question, what the hell is wrong with the writers who prompted him to say that?

    She’s a terrible performer, tone deaf to a new extreme, and can’t write a decent song to save her life. You don’t even have to be into music to know that she’s horrendous. I mean, you her her huffing and puffing for air, she can’t even breath right when she’s singing. You’d think her vocal coaches would teach her that, right? Sel, do yourself and us a favor and stick to acting… please.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a hater, but I’m just tired of all the praise Selena’s getting for practically failing at becoming an artist.

  • lir

    I agree 100 % to the last comment..
    the only reason why you think she cant sing is that because she is selena gomez..
    okay she is not a mariah carey but she can definitely sing and she has improved a lot the past 1 and a half year..
    she is a great actress a great human being and a ok singer..
    okay she is not a songwriter.
    she only wrote “I wont apologize”
    but that was actually a good song
    based of the lyrics

  • Tatiana

    actually she is doing playback! she cant sing

  • Anonymous

    She seems real happy while she sings! Selena actually enjoys being around her fans unlike other artists… GO TEAM SELENA!!!! plus she sings great!

  • Anonymous

    I dont like ppl like this becuz they dont deserve record deals since there r ppl tht kno how to simg and write there own songs shes gonna start tht saying tht she writes her own songs but the truth is prob the scene writes all the music and she gets all the credit thts y i dont like her but hey if ppl like her well to bad

  • Anonymous

    Selenas live voice is strong, I have seen her twice one time last month and she has improved so much. I’m so happy she didn’t lip sing :’) gooo sel!

  • Anonymous


  • Gurrrrl

    She sings beautiful ;)

  • Anonymous

    Why did he say she was a great songwriter? She does not wrote her own songs, she can barely even sing them!!

  • lasttimearoundd

    nobody sings live at these christmas things js.

  • Rhyme&Reason

    Actually, they do sing live but they over-dub it with a studio recording. It’s pretty impossible to capture the live sound because a mic can pick up the sounds you don’t want, like wind, yelling and the motor sounds. So all the people there got the live version while the people watching it on t.v. got the edited version.

  • Anonymous

    i think we can all pretty much agree that she has no vocal talent? i think she’s an amazing actress, honestly. she doesn’t write her own music though, her live voice very weak. i loved her in ramona and beezus, i think she’s okay in wizards of waverly place (only because she can do much better than a disney show.) i dont think she has an amazing voice. as someone said on here earlier, she needs to stick to acting.

  • Just Dream.

    Dec 27, 2010 @ 08:05 am
    paola said:

    she HAS NO VOICE.
    Like you HAVE voice /:)

  • Anonymous

    I thought I was on messenger. Here’s what I meant to write:
    I don’t like people like this because they don’t deserve record deals since there are people that know how to sing and write their own songs. She’s gonna start saying that she writes her own songs but the truth is probably The Scene writes all the music and she gets all the credit. That’s why I don’t like her, but hey, if people like her, well, too bad.

  • FearlessLi

    1) She didn’t sing live in this like every other person who performs at these parades.
    2) She cannot sing anyway and she only got a record deal as part of the disney package.
    3) Her performance skills are lackluster. Running, jumping and skipping around the stage while touching a few people’s hands isn’t something I’d pay $5 to watch.
    4) Just because she has improved in her vocals doesn’t mean to say she is actually a good singer because, even backing tracks prove that her studio voice is just as bad as her performance voice.

  • CupcakezLover

    Cute <3

  • CupcakezLover

    Anonymous said:

    Selenas live voice is strong, I have seen her twice one time last month and she has improved so much. I’m so happy she didn’t lip sing :’) gooo sel!
    Uhh you sure about that?

  • Abbie

    I totally agree!! I think she’s a good actress but she only got her record deal because of her show and because of her talent (: At least with Miley and Demi they were given a show and a movie that needed someone with talent (:

  • Anonymous

    her perfomances are always boring. she was lipsyncing?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I was in her concert last month and I’m SURE she sing great!!

  • DearTaylor
  • Abbie

    Whoops, I mean “and not because of her talent” :)

  • Anonymous

    I really like when she wears the color white, I think it suits her :)

  • XD

    I can’t say she’s good, but I can’t say she’s bad…because I CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING!

  • TyreenaTerror

    I didn’t like this :/

  • NitroKisses

    agreed. no one sings live for these events.

  • Anonymous

    LOL yes. She has a talent. She CAN sing, and not everyone CAN sing. What Selena is doing is talented singing…don’t know how to explain that to you, but it JUST IS. A lot of people that say they’ve seen her live see her on crap video recorders and those make most anyone sound bad. I saw her and was 14 rows from the front–she was singing live and sounded fantastic. No, she was not Celine Dion or whatever singer you think is great. But that is not what everyone likes. You guys act like she has to sing a certain way to be good. Not everyone shares your voice preferences. Singing can’t be put into a can and bottled and equally shared. Everyone has their own talent to put to it, their own bottle. If that makes sense.

    People enjoy Selena and NOT because they are tone deaf or whatever. Not too many people are. You guys that don’t <3 her, stop wishing she would stop and move onto someone else that you enjoy listening to. You do not need to follow this aspect of Selena’s life. It’s silly to do something you hate, when you have free time from obligations.

    She’s having success. She’s popular. And I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t pay to see someone they don’t like (minus taking their kids). and it’s her career, you can’t dictate it as much as you’d love to.

  • Anonymous

    everyone can become a singer now with a profesor..she got better.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Her performances are boring and she didn’t sing live. But she us talented. I just wished she had sang it live. You would be more appreciated for it. :/

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Her performances are boring and she didn’t sing live. But she us talented. I just wished she had sang it live. You would be more appreciated for it. :/

  • Anonymous

    I really like it! she sing very well :)

  • Anonymous

    Haha she may be a bad performer, but that means I just won’t watch her live performances. Done. XD

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  • Just Dream.


  • paola

    she HAS NO VOICE.

  • me

    i really miss when jobros did it last year :'(

  • crah


  • LetsJumpTheSun

    i dont like the way she sings or performs and im not saying she cant sing, its just so boring.

  • xSweetCandyxx

    She looks beautiful =)

  • mels

    I actually enjoy her performances : ) cutiee

  • mels

    And she sounds real good here

  • Anonymous

    dont they dub the actual performance over with the recording they did? because this doesn’t sound like her live voice. her live voice is really weak. i wouldnt say this is as powerful as like demi or maybe even miley, but it’s not as weak as usual. im pretty sure they dub voices over.