Justin Bieber, ‘Chillin And Happy’


  • Dinoluverrr

    cuteee :)

  • Irday


  • Just Dream.


  • Anonymous

    cant see it :/

  • TyreenaTerror

    Eh, who cares about who’s following who…

  • Anonymous

    Boy I feel like a dork! I sat here trying to figure out why ou posted a magazine of the housewife! After a few, I finally figured it out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    People are still buzzing at this unfollowing thing with Selena,Justin, Nick and jasmine! I have seen some funny explanations coming from these girls, some have sense and some are soooo far fetched.. Now the jasmine tweeted something about love, heartbreak etc it as increased curiousity! I just find it all funny and in a way immature!

  • Anonymous

    are you gonna qoute now every fuckin tweet?
    How is that anything important.

  • Elio Armato

    New song from @ElioArmato (rEAl dEAl) called ‘Pop One of These’ feat. TONE & Cute Tease, art @ThomasASturges!
    Made this is my room, if ya dig it check the other songs on my profile…  Spread if the LOVE!