• Anonymous

    i reallllly think they are all adoarble!!! i think bella loves her fans and people in general. jmo. her and the jimmy kid are a cute couple. her brother is super sexy. they did another live chat but with zendaya and adam. it was really good. they are all in vegasssssssss. i <3 shake it up

  • keshafan08

    she rocks! i love her show, shake it up!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • bellathornefanzau

    daretodreamshow always has the best stuff

  • Anonymous

    i love them<3 remys hot and so is jimmy and i love the part where their like JIMMY NUETRON!!! bahahahahthought it was so funny

  • Anonymous

    Bella has a weird looking nose. Kaythnxbai.

  • Anonymous

    love her @daretodream show rocks!

  • taylorllama

    love her and zendaya!

  • Caitylinrox

    is jimmy her bf? i thinks so….hes hot :)

  • Anonymous

    shes annoying.

  • Hannahh

    All I care about is that the brother from The Orphan is there.
    He was pretty good at acting in that.

  • you glad my life

    I first wooow! xd

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?

  • Anonymous

    ew, SHUT UP PLEASE. disney- bring miley back!! :(