Tiffany Giardina HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  • Anonymous

    who cares!! shes not even famous i wish people would stop posting about her!!

  • Jackie

    aww thats so sweet!
    i love her new song and think she sounds sooo good now!
    and keep posting about her OU, she’ll be popular soon enough

  • VeliaOrtega17

    love ‘ya Gia^^ xP

  • Anonymous

    i like her shoes

  • Velia

    love ‘ya Gia!(= ^^

  • Anonymous

    uhhhh it kind of is important if she’s famous this website is for information on FAMOUS PEOPLE not wannabe’s who ride off of the jonas brothers fame

  • Velia

    I care!¬¬ Is not important if she is or not famous, everybody started like her¬¬

  • KBsuckers

    i like her but her new music is kinda sucky.