Willow Smith Whip My Hair NEW YEAR’S

  • Anonymous

    shes so talanted! i just hope she doesn’t get burned out or lets it get to her head. She seems to have good parents thought so it seems she has a good head on her shoulders. Shes so young. I wish i could do that when i was 9!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA are you fucking kidding me. did you watch the video? her mouth didn’t fit some of the notes. they record a new version and sing it, but they are lip synching. EVERYONE DID. it was quite obvious.

  • Anonymous

    Move over Justin! Willow’s gonna blow!

  • AlyMilada

    wow, that was awesome. i love the way this little girls looks. and yeah, she is really good live.

  • jeepauline

    whip it real good <3

  • Anonymous

    she can give me head back and forth

  • Anonymous

    she can sing relly good live and its sad people think her voice is being auto tuned cause their favorite celebrity can sing live

  • Anonymous

    wtf shes defi. not lip syncing so stfu

  • Anonymous

    eh im pretty sure she was lip synching. im not saying it sounded too good for her to be singing,, but like the sound of the notes & her voice & how it never faded or got louder when she held those long notes.. it was too perfect & even for her to be singing. it was almost definetely lip synching… & no it isnt the same as the radio played song but she probably recorded this version before & they autotuned it then & played it now.

  • Anonymous

    If you haters bullying a 9 mine think shes lip sync ..watch her performance at the lighting show or any where.. shes sings almos tthe same way and you can for sure see she is the real deal sorry she can suck like the rest of them

  • Anonymous

    i think she is to young but she has a bright future! i mean at the age of 10 to have a hit song!

  • FlowaTri

    Love Willow

    I whip ma hairrr back and forth!!

  • addy

    wht the hell is she singing into? her voice is totally being tuned. FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    She wasn’t lip syncing, dumbass. No one was. Little endings were different, she held certain notes over when they weren’t on the recorded version, etc. Don’t say something if you don’t know.

  • Gabs

    She is totally awesome, like she’s SO TALENTED! How come a 10 years-old girl sing like this? She has a bright future.

  • misssaatje

    she is only famous because her dad she can beteer saying i wip head in the poop

  • AVPM

    Even though this song is overrated now she is a very talented person. I can’t wait for future song’s.

    Will Smith♥ …random

  • CupcakezLover

    She’s actually really good live. Whip yo hurr gurl. ♥

  • Anonymous

    she was clearly lip-synching. everyone did.

  • keshafan08

    i love that song! whip it real hard!

  • Anonymous

    she’s annoying cos she can’t sing… the track is really loud I can’t almost hear her real voice (which in a way is good) go back kid, leave room for good singers, if she wasn’t a smith she would be nothing

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one whos turned on by her i mean im not a pedo im 17, but still i got the most enormous crush on her.
    God i wanna do her.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who masturbates to her and her mom

  • CookieYumm

    she is annoying . -_- !

  • Anonymous

    Will tortures willow with this I mena look at her http://tmz.com/willow-tortured

  • Anonymous

    wow she sounded amazing. I cant tell if she was lip synching. It was different than the recorded song. If she wasnt lip synching which i cant really decide, i think she didnt but i dont really know but she has a killer voice… wow. i was very surprised

  • whatthefudge

    She’s amazing and has a lot of talent for someone so young and she’s not like all the other artists, she’s really different which is good. Why are people hating on her so much? I think she’s gonna be even more better when she’s older.

  • Disco.Is.Dead

    I whip my hurr back and forth .

  • Anonymous

    this little girl is annoying

  • Ashleyy.

    Whip it reeeaaallll good !

  • DieMannschaft

    After I finally get that song out of my head,OU puts it back in.

  • lasttimearoundd

    idk why people find her annoying? shes an amazing singer. i wish i could do that when i was just 9/10

  • Cesi.

    Shizzle, she rocked it. She’s kinda awesome live.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s too young.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    is she lip syncing or..?

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    Willow Rocks!!!! I whip my hair back and forth!!! Your never to young to have fun ; )