Selena Gomez Back To Work Tomorrow


Candids of Selena arriving at LAX after her love filled weekend HERE!

Sel will also be performing at the People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 5!

  • Pheli

    I think that selena and justin also fit well together, you never know where the love or falls? I mean you can control in who do you love you?
    and if dan feel this way for each other, we should respect it!

  • Lupo

    Yeah I’m p sure screwin the nuts off of a 16yr-old boygirl is going to do wonders for Selena “Cougar” Gomez’s career.

    Then again the Wizard’s series is p much done. The Alex and Justin characters each have gone through three boyfriends/girlfriends respectively.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    i love selena gomez very much. she’s such a sweet person in real life. u ppl who hate her a wrong. so very wrong

    Shes not that great. I met her before shes not “the sweetes celeb” I actually met Miley shes so funny! She seemed more real and not a peoples pleaseer/fake. But selenas wasnt rude dont get me wrong

  • Anonymous

    what song is going to perform at the people awards?

  • Lupo

    Look at the freaking images. Selena is rubbin her sweet tits all over Biebler and BIEBLER IS FEELIN ON HER BOOTY

    I have no doubt that by this time next week Selena “Cougar” Gomez will announce she is pregnant …

    … the question is who be the papa Biebler or Jake T Austin ._o

  • Anonymous

    no good christian boy would be in hooters or having his hand all over her ass or talkin abt not wanting a girlfriend because he likes kissing them from all over… so just dont put this off on selena bieber is a fake too. he prays 3 times a day he said because he is a christian.. just another lie tht he contradicts with his actions like i said b4.

  • Lupo

    Selena Gomez, whose idea of holiday “vacaycay” consists of screwing 16-year-old Bieblers testicles off, now is using the Biebla fan’s preferred social media of choice to announce she is going back to work … Which can mean only one thing

    Jake T Austin hold on to your nuts son XD

  • Anonymous

    This really helps Selenas music career. It also helps to get her more famous. Motivation??

  • Anonymous
  • none

    What a whore and a slut. I lost all respect for her. No good Christian girl would let a guy touch her ass or any other part of her body.

  • Anonymous

    hey lupo how do u know they’re screwing? at least selena isn’t living with a grown man at 15 like miley

  • Anonymous

    so pretty

  • BabyYoureAFirework


  • Diamonds

    you have serious problems O.o

  • Anonymous

    well demi said that about joe too…best friends…allright. Demi i miss her!

  • Oh SNAP

    Still can’t get over the fact that she kissed a guy who she said was like her ‘little brother’. *shivers*.

    Oh well, i still love her. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    i love selena gomez very much. she’s such a sweet person in real life. u ppl who hate her a wrong. so very wrong

  • Anonymous

    I thought Wizards was over?

  • Anonymous

    They thought it would be but they got the green light for season 4 but this is it.

  • MileyIsASkank

    she’s so sweet to her fans. WOWP is the funniest disney show

  • xSweetCandyxx

    Love her

  • Anonymous
  • Voice of reason

    104, The girl that was talking about comiting suicide yesterday. Got 104 messages and though – she did not respond yet, she said she was going to when she got the chance.

    I want to thank every user who contributed to messaging her. I love you all with all my heart, you’ve saved a life.


  • Lupo

    Biebler is a immensely popular and a well respect singer-musician

    amongst his tween twitter fanbase lmbo

    Nick J then Tayor L then Biebler smooth move ho!