Selena Gomez YES! TEEN Brazil Cover


Thx Fans_Demi!

  • brazil<3Selena

    Selena is the covergirl in MANY magazines she is Brazils diva!

  • Anonymous

    nice potato nose.

  • Anonymous

    amazing <3

  • whatthefudge

    She looks younger here.

  • Anonymous

    Love her :)

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww freak.

  • jackblack

    Read between the lines… Read between the LINES!…

  • Anonymous

    OOh! there’s a poster of Bill Kaulitz x)

  • ColdAsU

    3? huh?

  • Anonymous

    I would love if selena this years travels more around the world, like she did with Africa and help out. i love seeing her like that :)