Brenda Song Palm Springs Film Festival


Brenda @ 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala. WENN.

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  • Anonymous

    love her!

  • yesaella
  • Anonymous


  • LetsJumpTheSun

    ow i lover her<3
    yesterday i saw social network, or i dont know how is it call but she appears and it was soooo weird seeing her being ”dirty” lmao. im used to see her in disney lmao.

  • Chanells__Cool

    I met here there last night. She was super nice, and has the cutest voice in real life. :) Yay Palm Springs!

  • Anonymous

    You mean it’s soooooo weird seeing her play a mentally ill girl, her character is pyromaniac, which is a serious mental disorder. Pyromaniacs are normal, their sanity is like everyone else but when they’re upset, the only way they know how to release their anger is through causing fires. It’s like when they burn something (whether it’s as small as tissue or as big as a blanket) they’re satisfied.

    And we all know she is in the movie, she’s in all of the movie’s advertisements, commercials, TV spots and everything else. She’s in the posters and ‘to your consideration’ campaigns for Oscars. She’s also been on a lot of TV talk shows talking about her movie.. this movie. So, yeah, we all know she stars in it. No one lives under a rock.

  • YOitsMiley


  • mels

    Shorty Short skirt. Show them legs, gurrrl

  • RedRanger

    phwoar ;)

  • Anonymous

    GORGEOUS! Shr’s a natural beauty eith great pins! :) Again, GREAT job in the social network :D xxx

  • flikchic

    Anonymous said:
    GORGEOUS! Shr’s a natural beauty eith great pins! :) Again, GREAT job in the social network :D xxx

    I agrre she looks great in that dress.

  • gaga.lovegame.6

    she’s beautiful but i think her eyebrows are really thin

  • Lupo

    accidental three posts in a row

  • Lupo

    She’s sexy as fuck and was the best thing about Facebook: The Movie lol

    You would think after all these years she would have long real hair by now.

    I love her big fat ass

  • Lupo

    accidental three posts a row