Extra Costar, ‘Miley Is Just Like Every Girl’

  • Anonymous

    “Miley is just like every girl”

    No shit sherlock.

  • omg wtf lolz

    WOW he’s hot. *drool*

  • Anonymous

    he is cute

  • ajd

    hes cutee…what is his twitter?

  • renee

    hes rally hot and i cant wait to see the movie

  • mfan

    Youre an extra, its hardly a ‘job’
    Get over yourself

    He says he has a speaking part

  • Anonymous

    good for him

  • Entertainmentlove


  • Anonymous


  • DieMannschaft

    He looks like Matt Lanter.
    And that’s a compliment,lol

  • Ashley

    DO any of you guys know his twitter?

  • jazzz

    wow bravo well sadi man!!!! love ya with my heart and ur cute!! whoo!!!!! and yes miley and kelly are epic!!

  • Anonymous

    If you get paid, it’s a job. You haven’t read the extra accounts. They have to go through a lot to get that money. Oh, and I think this is important: Girls, if your flow is heavy and your Extra opportunity is on the day of your period, DO NOT TAKE THE JOB. That’s the first thing I thought after reading this story of being an extra lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    If you have a speaking role you’re not an extra… You get paid more if you have a line in the movie and you have to be included in credits were as extras aren’t put in the credits and sometimes not paid, they just get free food lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    Youre an extra, its hardly a ‘job’
    Get over yourself.

  • bluemonday

    Haha, I have no clue who this guy is, but he seems pretty frickin’ awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I went to high school with him!

  • Diet Coke :)

    He’s a cutie :)

  • paperheartsx3x3



  • PaaperPlanes

    So Undercover.

  • Anonymous


    Check out this girls’ singing! she’s so talented!! Her names cassidy, and she’s trying to be discovered by a record label or talent agent!