Hannah Montana Forever THE FINALE

Via DisneyInfoNet.

  • rachrox123

    And I am agreeing with Anonymous- I am curious and excited to see how Amber and Ashley will react when they come to a realization that she is Hannah Montana.

  • Anonymous

    After Hannah Montana ends on Sunday Night, Wizards of Waverly Place will become the longest running Disney Channel Series Still in Production.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe Amber and Ashley are in the Promo for a second.

  • Anonymous

    As much as people say that they hate Hannah Montana, I kinda love it. I grew up with it. It taught me about life. I’m gonna miss it so much. I wonder if Jesse and Hannah will stay together? I hope they do but also kind of not. I am completely in love with the character of Jesse. I am going to cry when the finale ends.

  • Anonymous

    I hope I’m not the only one who teared up watching this..

  • EmmaLC

    lol jk, this is essentially a kid’s idea of what college-age people actually do.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair color is mixed, we can’t really tell…just print a picture of her hair and show to your hairdresser, s/he will know how to dye ;)

  • Issy

    Im gonna miss Hannah Montana, I only started watching it in 2008 but i’ve seen every episode and im gonna miss it so much. =(

  • BangThatDrum

    I am so gonna miss this :(

  • xSweetCandyxx

    I’m gonna miss this show =(

  • Anonymous

    she’s gonna die on that plane

    if her mom can die for no reason,

    so can she

  • May

    Omg, I can’t wait! I like kinda grew up with Hannah / Miley so.. And I can’t wait on how Amber and Ashley r gonna react. I missed Jesse btw, he’s cute :D And I hope it’s a 1-hour episode ;)

  • Anonymous

    as much as i hate to admit this, I pretty much grew up with Miley/Hannah, and I’m really sad to pretty much watch my childhood end :| I started watching when it first started, back when both Miley and I were like 12, and now were both 18. I’m actually going to miss Hannah Montana. RIP Childhood.

  • Phoebe

    WTH this doesn’t look so great, I mean Miley is being selfish again, and it would suck if she didn’t go to college with Lilly etc.

  • Anonymous


  • Milee

    D: i will cry

  • Anonymous

    Of course she’ll go to college!! It’s disney!! After a bunch of years being friends with Lily do u really think she’d make a movie??? Obvious much

  • Lupo

    I hope Disney decides to play reruns of Thats So Raven and Even Stevens in it’s place

  • Anonymous

    what is miley’s hair color in this episode? please? i wanna dye my hair like that

  • Anonymous

    i love miley cyrus & im ssad that hannah montana forever is over jan.16,2011 hannah we always remember you<3

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    Oh my God, I’m gonna cry :(

  • Gable16

    kinda excited for it, two days after my 17th birthday too…5, almost 6 years of HM for me.

  • Anonymous

    haha i’m excited to see how amber and ashley will react to learning that miley was hannah. :P

  • milenator

    OMG I think im gonna cry (again! like when I cried in ep where she tells the world her secret)
    Im gonna miss hannah montana but time to move on :)

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree i’m gonna cry too like i did when miley took of he wig infront of 10000…….ppl

  • _kiwi_07

    i hope it’s a hour long. there’s too much to fit in, in a half hour.

  • milenator

    its gonna be an hour long special finale

    I cant believe its ending already D:

    I also find it weird disney channel’s announcing it as final episode they never done that before but i know Miley said she wanted to do a final season of HM to conclude the series

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    this is going to be really sad

  • Fan 4 ever

    I actually got goosbumps.CanNOT believe this is the end. Ahhh.

  • natjbguitargirl

    i hope this will be epic nd not lame

  • rachrox123

    It’s gone by too fast. Five years has never seemed shorter. My best friend and I will be weeping that night.
    I will miss seing Miley on TV, depsite the person she has become, I will always be a fan because of her character and the person she was at 13.

  • Anonymous