David Henrie featured in MY TOUCH Winter 2011 issue.

  • Anonymous

    The pullout centerfold features a ‘real sized’ shot of David’s nose.

  • Anonymous

    david henrie is a SIDE character on a crappy show. once wizards is over HES DONE

  • Anonymous

    david Henrie’s hair contains an alloy previously unknown to mankind.

  • Anonymous

    Dancing with the stars in 3…2…1…

  • shelbywayloves

    why does my touch have a mag? A little unnecessary…

  • Ginger

    David Henrie is so gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    so is the enormity of his nasal passages.

  • amulyaa

    I <3 him . He is just a superb actor. He is just 21 yrs and has really a good acting skill. I regularly watch its shows like how i met your mother, Wizards and that's so raven. I love to watch TV shows online and must say i really enjoy his performance.

  • MileyIsASkank

    arrested for fighting at disneyland? wtf?

  • Anonymous

    WOow q padre foto

  • Anonymous

    i lov him too

  • AmandaDS07

    dude! i agree. haha

  • hey. its me

    David’s very atractive sometimes.. sometimes he’s not.. i can’t decide if I like him or not… hmmmm

  • HenrieLover

    oooh this boy. ive loved him ever since he was Larry on thats so raven :)

  • Chanells__Cool

    Gorgeous. <3

  • Ashleyy.


  • Anonymous

    He’s hot and has gorgeous eyes, Love him<3

  • yesaella