Ashley Greene, ‘Miley Is A Phenomenon’

Ashley Greene MTV interview. Did you deal w/ paparazzi while filming LOL with Miley Cyrus? Miley is a phenomenon, she’s accomplished so much in the movie, TV and music worlds that it’s not surprising how much attention was attracted during filming. But we’re both professional and understand that we’re there to do our jobs. Work was our number-one priority & everything else was background.

You’ve become a fashion icon, did you pick any of your outfits? I definitely have a say in them, but it’s more about what fits my character than me personally. In ‘LOL,’ my character wears some pretty outrageous and provocative outfits that I’d never wear in real life! With Alice Cullen, we got to draw on Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O inspirations, which is a bit more me.

  • Anonymous

    i just came here for miley

  • DaniellaO

    She should dye her hair back to this. So much more flattering.

  • milenator

    She’s right Miley is a phenomenon
    (movie world: she’s topped the box office
    tv world: her show’s brought many ratings
    music world: had albums topping the charts and top hit singles peaking high on charts)
    she’s right haters can suck it and she’s made tons of other accomplishments I cant think of

    btw Ashley Greene looks really pretty with that hair :)

  • Andrea

    I just cant wait for LOL to come out so ashley can take joe and he and miley can become close again and then all the jonas clan too

  • MileyForever <3 .

    Love Miley . <3
    Hate ashley .

  • Rocko

    No and no.

  • Lety.

    aam no, she should keep out of Miley.

    Any way, I don’t really like Ashley’s personality…

  • Anonymous

    Ashley looks so much prettier like that

  • ljs1202

    And whose decision was it for her to pose nude and then in body paint? Funny how all of a sudden she is modest and demure….

  • KBsuckers

    sure sure Miley is
    Ashley is purrdie :D

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry NOOOOOOOO!!!

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    WHAT? miley is more famous than ashley

  • hey. its me

    Ashley looks really pretty with light hair

  • jerseygirl

    Her hair looks gorgeous and she’s adorable.

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