Bridgit Mendler ARRIETTY The Borrower


Bridgit Mendler is voicing Arrietty in Studio Ghibli’s new Arrietty the Borrower. Producer Frank Marshall Tweeted: ‘Full day of recording with the very talented Bridgit Mendler, doing the lead role in US version of Studio Ghibli’s ARRIETTY THE BORROWER.’

  • sara

    that is one of my favorites!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s weird how she gets like no publicity. disney is going downhill. once sonny and wizards end, disney is going to be nothing.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, Disney is going down. 30 years ago, Disney was only full of Mickey, Donald and cie. Now, they’re using young artists and actors and make money in their back. They are trying to get ” a perfect” image, but they just are not what they want to be…

  • Anonymous

    its ironic how they are trying to produce role models, but 7 times out of 10 they end up making drug using, dirty picture taking, rehab goers.

  • Wish

    I miss the old Disney. -____- But, yay, Bridgit is so pretty. I love her.<3

  • DieMannschaft

    Am I the only one that doesn’t find Bridgit pretty?

  • Anonymous

    smh they cant redo this movie