Miranda Cosgrove EP PHOOT SHOOT


  • Anonymous

    She said on twitter she was at her Grandfather’s funeral today. Your comments will make her feel great. You people make me sick!

  • Anonymous

    I love her new song DANCING CRAZY!

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous!

  • Mae

    I love her voice!

  • CupcakezLover

    I miss her as Megan. :( She kind of sucks now…These pics look pretty though.

  • Eve


  • Anonymous

    I think she’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Love her as an actress and singer but most of all she is an amazing person.

  • Anonymous

    She’s really horrible. She seems like a pretty big bitch too. Maybe if she would just stick to acting she would actually get somewhere. attempting to sing is just bringing her DOWN even more than before.

  • inhumancreation

    She’s a good singer.

  • Wish

    SHE LOOKS SO WEIRD IN THE FIRST PIC o_o the second one is nice. she’s a shit singer/actress though.

  • KBsuckers


  • KBsuckers

    i really dont think she is pretty.

  • Anonymous

    She is pretty

  • Ella-JJHoe

    sorry but shes fugly!
    it’s like a 12 year old girl!

  • Breezy906
  • Anonlovesyou

    i just think she’s a good actress

  • Anonymous

    i feel like she’s a wannabe. i love her though because she’s the underdog and i feel bad.

  • EmmaLC

    “OMG, look at me, I’m like a legitimate artist now cause I have an EP!”

    Sorry to all her fans, but I really don’t think Miranda has enough talent to be a big success.
    I watched her perform on ‘Today’, and she just stood still when she sang. No moving around and interacting with the band or audience. Just standing there like a little kid at an elementary school concert.