Justin Bieber BABY ACOUSTIC 2011


    He can sing… and really good. The only thing that it’s funny is that he jumps while he sings ;) lol, but anyways he has an amazing voice… congratz Bieber

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really like him… but i gotta admit that he can sing.. and he did a good job here. Good job bieber

  • Spicy Situation


  • GabbersluvsJB

    I actually really like this acoustic performance! :D
    At around 00:57 I think it’s cute :D
    Good job Biebz.

  • Anonymous

    at last he can sing.. but i still hate hiim lol

  • Just Dream

    First (:

  • starcity

    Atleast he doesn’t sound like a girl now. It’s normal to sound like a little girl when youre young though, just listen to Nick Jonas when he was young.

  • Anonymous

    no one can deny that this kid can sing. i like this even better than the studio version. and his voice is sooo much deeper. sucks for the people that thought he couldnt sing after puberty. talent is talent no matter what age.



    love him!!!

  • PeaceLoveHarmony

    It was quite good