Justin Bieber Critics’ Choice MUSTACHE

  • disney.girl

    woahh he gave the kardashian sisters vip tix? lucky.

  • Kaitlandx

    Khloe gained the weight back because she’s pregnant.

  • Kaitlandx

    & I love the stache. Work it JB.
    I love how he still likes to have fun, even at big events like this.

  • larissa

    well before you talk you should know about the people you’re
    talking about

    Joe Jonas did wear fake mustache at the age of justin (17) and
    Joe wear it before too and even these years and Joe is 21 now!

    Joe can pull that off! and he looks hot at 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
    and he will continue walking sex!

    sorry Justin!! at least he must try a fake mustache that goes with his hair color !

  • TeenageDream


  • fresh

    why is there tissue paper hanging out of his pocket .. smh

  • savannahbieber

    why is he so obsessed with mustaches? lol i think its adorable. probably chuck norris.

  • Anonymous

    oh alright.. so if a jonas brother puts on a fake mustache its okay, but when Justin does it, its not? Oh please stop hating on the kid. i dont even like him, but he’s obviouslly just having fun. Atleast he can let loose and just have fun unlike other celebrites.

  • Anonymous

    What a loser.

  • GabbersluvsJB

    He’s a kid trying to have fun! That’s hilarious! :D I love em!
    I don’t care what anybody on here says, he’s hilarious.. and yes, I think he’s cute!

  • Anonymous

    the only reason why you guys hate on him is because your a jonas fan. Well guess what, im not a fan of either bieber or jonas, but i think that justin would pull it off better. Hes still a kid.. now see if a Jobro did that, they would look really immature. Lay off him, he did nothing to you.

  • Anonymous

    awweh, justin looks so cute xD Stop hatng on him, he’s just having funn =) and like the person said up there^^ aleast hes not like one of those stuck up other celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    ugly gay

  • Anonymous

    about the comment of joe jonas…. im with you and the one who is hating..umm let her b ..we all have our own opinions and you dont have to make your point because that is not going to changer her point.

  • urluvismydrugg

    oh my god Khloe looks HORRIBLE in that picture. /=

  • Anonymous

    Omg .. what a dork. Act your age, you douche bag!! Joe Jonas is DEFINITELY better looking when he puts a fake mustache on.
    Justin Bieber looks like a freakin’ kid playing dress up. WHAT A LOSER.

  • estephanie.

    i love it he is with a mustache and it is so funny hahahahaha
    lol i love u justin bieber

  • crazybeautifulLife

    have anyone noticed that kendall and justin would make a cute couple?

  • crazybeautifulLife

    Joe Jonas is the only one who can pull off a fake moustache and look completely hot. That is all.

    so only joe jonas can put a mustache on?

  • Bieberluva12

    whats up with the woman in the gold dress in the first picture? haha

  • Anonymous

    He is stuck up. He is selfish greedy, and mean. He was ,ean to a girl at his middle school http://www.tmz.com/justin-was-a-bully/

  • Anonymous
  • badromance98

    Khloe Kardashian is fat… I through she lost some weight?

  • Kaitlandx

    To Anon: I do love how you tell Justin to act his age and then say Joe looks better with a fake mustache.
    If anyone should act their age it’s Joe considering he’s like 6 years older than Justin & most adults don’t wear fake mustaches, whereas teenagers do.

  • Anonymous

    y u mad tho?
    he’s just having fun. why don’t you act your age? Really, who complains about a person trying to be fun? You sound immatuare and stupid as fuck.

  • disney.girl

    he looks like a retard & no its not funny

  • Anonymous

    you jonas brothers fans look immature. Okay, he can pull it off better? Your point is … ?
    Really? And telling him to grow up, and stop being a douchebag. What the fuck is wrong with you? Lighten up. He’s having fun. Shesh.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Jonas is the only one who can pull off a fake moustache and look completely hot. That is all

  • Spicy Situation


  • Bubbly-Joe

    Joe Jonas is the only one who can pull off a fake moustache and look completely hot. That is all.

  • Sel

    I Love Her … She’s cute

  • A person.

    hes having fun with his life. U mad haters?

  • Anonymous

    I Love Her … She’s cute
    Her ? She ? This is Justin Bieber , he’s a guy !

  • emma

    Sel said:

    I Love Her … She’s cute


    LOL i got UR gag !!! kkkk

  • Anonymous

    He looks absolutely ridiculous. Such a wannabe.

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    he looks funny but weird

  • WTH

    He looks like TOM BOY !!!! i think it’s only me who think that he kinda looks like Ellen DeGeneres in some angle ??? XD

  • Peace’n’Love

    so funny and i thought Cody Linley looked
    like Ellen Degeneres