Billy Ray & Tish Cyrus WORKING ON IT?


Billy Ray & Tish are hopefully picking up the pieces of their broken marriage for their beautiful children. The recently filed for divorce couple did not look happy to be photographed with daughter Brandi are her boyfriend. Tish did not have her wedding ring on. Photos: Flynet. Noah Forever!

  • 666

    No way. I doubt they are getting back together. This hardly means anything.

  • XxStarbucksLuviexX

    I hope they stay together
    I would be happy for them :)

  • marinawashiski

    I hope they do the best choice for the whole family and I want them to be happy (:

  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    they should stay together.

  • Keli

    yuck. His hair and her botoxed or collagen lips? Enough. BTW, Tish has a tattoo on her wedding finger with Billy Ray’s initials. She doesn’t wear a wedding ring. And “the kids” weren’t with them as they said on tmz. It was Brandi and her boyfriend, not Noah and Braison.

  • Bieberluva12

    what’s with the mullet? :$

  • Anonymous

    is he trying to grow back his mullet?

  • SofíaYasmín

    Noah Forever? Cateory: Amanda Bynes?

    OU, you really need a little vacation.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or did Billy Ray Cyrus bring his mullet back, lol???? smh

  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    well they have lasted alot longer than most hollywood couples. And it seems like they are trying to work it out since they have been pictured together a few times.

  • Anonymous

    AMANDA BYNES?????????? Really Oceanup??????

  • whateverrr

    nice hair.

  • cici1990




  • toriii(:

    i don’t care about them getting divorced……..but IS THE MULLET BACK?!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Last time I heard, and checked. They had tattoos of one anothers names on their ring fingers. So I assumed that was their ring.

  • SmartSarcasm

    Guys, it’s obvious he’s trying to win her back with the mullet she fell “in love” with in the 90’s.
    P.S. Hope that works out for you Billy :)

  • Anonymous

    happy for them

  • Anonymous

    yeah billy ray got is ugly mullet back. tish looked tired. they were with brandi and her boyfriend. both tish and billy ray have tattoo wedding rings for ‘immortal marriage’ or something….looks ike that might have failed… BUt i hope they do get back together. divorce sucks. :'(

  • Anonymous

    cool work it out

  • Kim

    I think if you’ve been married for that long and have that many kids I don’t think its a bad thing to try to make it work. If they try and find they still love each other, great, if not thats okay too!

  • Anonymous

    this is an old picture or billy have a new haircut?

  • Anonymous
  • JustBreatheee.

    stay for Noah!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA. the tag is for amanda bynes. smooth oceanup -.-

  • Anonymous

    look who oceanup tagged. o.O

  • Peace’n’Love

    stay for little Noah

  • fearless now

    in this hollywood business messed up families equals messed up star kids … so married or not they should know what its the best for their kids

  • LizzieHawkins

    Good for them but WHAT THE FUCK happened to his hair :s

    I mean he looks soo 1993

  • Entertainmentlove

    i dislike billys outfit

  • ALMox

    you guys need to check out ‘Like There’s No Tomorrow’ by Deez Nuts.

  • Peace’n’Love

    ‘business in the front party in the back’
    is that a mullet he’s wearing