Justin Bieber Presenting @ Golden Globes

  • Liz.

    Now him and Hailee would be a cute couple.<3 Even if she is fourteen. Isn’t she fourteen?

  • Anonymous

    “That Girl” as everyone is calling her is Hailee Steinfeld and being considered for an Oscar. She is very talented and like Justin, she came out of nowhere to show amazing talent. And yes she is very pretty, and she is taller than Justin, even without heals.

  • Anonymous

    cuz he wants to be.
    why is ur icon of a slut?

  • JoeHoe15

    It’s the only nominated animated film that I wactched! XD

  • Anonymous

    umm actually she would be the same height

  • Anonymous

    haha she is 14 and she is taller than Justin.
    Justin should date her instead of selens. They look the same age at least

  • CupcakezLover

    Hailee Steinfield!! ♥ She’s incredible. Justin not so much…

  • Anonymous

    When was this?

  • milenator

    why is he there?

  • milenator

    why is he there?

  • ANJA

    Justin is so hot !

  • Anonymous

    Is that Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit? I love her! She was amazing!

  • Anon:)

    I’m becoming a fan of his looks now. Not him, not his music, just the way he looks. I know, it’s sad XD

  • Ella-JJHoe

    he looks mad???? or something and he cut off his hair:???

  • vonvonbon

    hahah that was funny :)
    and omg rainbow3000 love your gif :D

  • asmoothcriminal

    The girl on the left is in True Grit right? She’s super pretty.

    No comment on the other guy.

  • Kiara…

    shes in True Grit …

  • LucyWhite

    Ha, they could have picked a smaller girl in heels (sorry I don’t know who she is) That’s rather embarassing :P

  • x09teenagedream

    rainbow3000 said:
    that’s because she’s wearing 4 inch heels

    Even without heels, she would still be taller than Justin. She’s 5’8″!

  • rainbow3000

    that’s because she’s wearing 4 inch heels

  • muahaha

    The girl is taller than him…

  • rainbow3000

    justin looks pissed though

  • Anonymous
  • PeaceLoveHarmony
  • LucyWhite

    PeaceLoveHarmony said:


    Jesus the fan cut herself


    Holy shiz, that’s not cool.
    Poor girl is so blinded by her adoration, she can’t see sense :(
    I hope she can get over him sharpish ’cause that’s awful.

  • LucyWhite

    EDIT (double post)

  • XxStarbucksLuviexX

    he looks bored..lol
    but I love his smile <3