Justin Bieber Jessica Jarrell Birthday Pic


  • JBeezyDreezy

    who’s that girl?

  • JarrellRanger4ever

    Jessica Jarrell is an amazing girl. She got more fame after singing Overboard with Justin Bieber. She’s a gorgeous girl and really down to earth.
    She has two music videos out: Almost Love (24/7) and Up And Running, and both of them are super awesome. She also has some covers on youtube and you should totally check them out cause they are absolutely amazing, and her voice sometimes sounds like Rihanna’s and it sounds like Beyonce’s too.

    Almost Love (24/7) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CriR83-eyC4
    Up And Running >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9khqKkERNg

    A dedicated Jarrell Ranger :) XOXO

  • MistressJonas

    irrelevant post….

  • itssuchajoke

    if justin bieber came to my b day party id be like dude u need to eat a cupcake…

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Jersey Shore DISNEY VERSION!

  • Anonymous

    I like Jessica because unlike jasmine she didn’t use him

  • Ella-JJHoe

    ok…now that i’m in the right post

    who is jessica jarrell???

  • Anonymous

    he’s not getting skinnier, he’s just growing. he’s in the middle stage of baby face and a more mature face; gives the appearance that he is losing weight but he isnt.

  • JoeHoe15

    Justin looks cute in that pic. ;)

  • Twilightlover:)


  • kingshoes
  • Anonymous

    im not a big bieber fan but not even gonna lie, i give him credit when credit is due, he looks pretty cute in this pic.

  • Anonymous

    This boy is going to be a sucess! Sings, dances and photographs perfectly. Looking forward to seeing him in the next few years.

  • xdolshhex
  • Anonymous

    I used to think she was pretty. I was wrong. And I’d rather have my family and friends rather than celebrities I don’t know at my birthday.

  • peacelovehearts


  • Anonymous

    cool. he’s been a bt more skinnier in the face i noticed.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He’s sexy, she’s a bitch

  • Peace’n’Love


  • KaylaWayla

    Justin is a sexy bitch… It gets no sexier than that. <3

  • paulamr

    oh please that tweet… the boy isn’t god

  • Anonymous

    Look it there, he’s taller than Jessica now. :D

  • Bieberluva12


  • carbomb__

    He’s tan… Just stating the obvious.

  • Anonymouse

    no1currs good day.