Raven Symone SKINNY INSTYLE Hottie

Skinny Raven at the 2011 InStyle Golden Globe Awards post-party.

  • Anonymous

    Her body looks big and her head looks small.

  • CherrisRmyTing

    she really looks amzaing before and now. I gotta luv her curves ^.^

  • TTFrutti

    Sup with big, curvy black celebs losing hella lot of weight nowadays?
    Haha, jk. She is beautiful =)

  • lalalove

    She looks amazing!
    Great job. She looks great! Hope she stays this way, and doesn’t get thinner. This is just perfect for her!

  • Anonymous

    raeeeeeee you look FIERCE gurl!
    love yoooooou

  • Anonymous

    She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous? beuatiful? she doesnt look healthy! there’s a crazy obsessive thing about being skinny that I just cant take! it makes me sick -.-‘

    are you insane? if you wanna see someone too skinny look at pics of lindsay lohan or the olsen twins from a few years ago.

    Raven is perfect! not too skinny, not too fat. She looks gorgeous. She was always gprgeous and she still is.

  • Anonymous

    so very beautiful! you go girl!

  • Irday

    SHE HAS DONE SURGERY IN HER BODY… BELIEVE ME IS SO STUPID..SHE DID ANY EFFORT.. SO IDIOT i kill myself everyday in gymmm and i ll do it with my effort not a surgeryy..so easy that way pff..

  • Marge.

    she’s glowing (: i love raven. she looked beautiful before and after. girl can work just about anything.

  • Irday

    ohh and btw if any mean comment IM not fat im super tall just that i need to tone more my muscles..

  • ItsGisellee

    she looks amazing!

  • ItsGisellee

    btw i miss thats so raven in DC latin america :( (idk if it’s still at dc usa)

  • aaliyahnoelle

    raven was never really FAT. she was large chested and wore really ill-fitted clothes because of having such large breasts. it looks like she just started dressing better.

    either way. if she did loose weight she looks really good. LOVE her

  • Anonymous

    she was always beautiful but she looks amazing right now!

  • JustBreatheee.


  • omg wtf lolz

    :O GORGEOUS! She has seriously done a good job.

  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirt

    “Skinny Raven” Really? Was that necessary…

  • Anonymous

    She’s really GORGEOUS, I love the before and the after.

  • Anonymous

    looks fantastic

  • Anonymous343434

    She has the same body my sister does after she lost weight lol. I hope Raven stays just like this! No smaller, no bigger, this is a healthy size for her body type, it should not be changed from this! I love Raven! She looks great. Beautiful. Not because she’s “skinny” but because she always has a glow.

  • Anonymous

    wow i always thought raven was beautiful, skinny or not but she really looks good right now :)

  • @secondtea

    gorgeous? beuatiful? she doesnt look healthy! there’s a crazy obsessive thing about being skinny that I just cant take! it makes me sick -.-‘

    raven’s looking as pretty as always. I hope she stops losing weight because she doesnt need that :)

  • Anonymous

    i love her!!

  • Anonymous

    she is one of those girls who looked beautiful before and after.

    she is a classy and beautiful person, i think

    i love all of her work!