Noah Cyrus New Twitter @partyyandnoiee


PRAISE! Noah Lindsey is back on TWITTER @partyyandnoiee!

  • Anonymous

    Is that eyeliner on Noah? Her mother is trying to turn her into another Miley. Won’t work. Only 1 Miley. Noah is not cute, and those teeth! Yuck! Guess her mother has lost control over Miley since she’s 18 now. Has to concentrate on “making Noah into something that can get her in to the spotlight”. Maybe Tish should concentrate on getting these kids some quality education. Heard Miley dropped out of her home studies with her studio teacher. How hard can it be doing school work at home or on the road with your own teacher, at your own pace? What a shame. And Trace is a dropout to. Tish ought to be proud!

  • Anonymous

    she looks freaking scary in that picture. i really don’t think i’ve ever seen a more ugly or annoying 11 year old.

  • Anonymous

    She looks creepy… And mann I bet she’s SPOILED.. Miley Cyrus as her sister and Billy Ray as her Dad…

  • CupcakezLover

    PRAISE! Goddess Noahhh!!!

  • starcity

    LOL. Is the name of the dog.. Party? I feel sorry for it.

  • Anonymous

    get it noah

  • Entertainmentlove

    please hack her again please

  • JoeHoe15

    Billy Ray’s hairstyle! It’s like his 80’s hair.

  • paulamr

    how many accounts she have? for god…

  • LaLaLaLand

    Noah looks younger than a 11 year old. My sister just turned 11 too and she looks at least 12. it’s a good thing she looks younger. wats with the hate? she’s 11 damn.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry folks Morey Management says that @BillyRayCyrus
    was hacked. ALL Noah Cyrus accounts on Twitter are
    fake. They were taken down by Twitter for being fakes:

  • Anonymous