Cimorelli If I Were A Boy @ WIN Awards

  • Anonymous


  • syazshakeree

    i love them.

  • Cujo

    Cimorelli is unbelievably good. Lauren Cimorelli is going to be a big star.

  • sinnerxo

    Never heard of them, but that was really good! I loved it :)

  • Anonymous

    They’re SO good!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I liked them better when they weren’t recognized.

  • madisonxx22

    freaking love cimorelli :)
    but they couldn’t do the riffs.

  • Bieberluva12

    they’re amazing!

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp deserves credit for helping discover Cimorelli. Good job.

  • madisonxx22

    i take that back.
    lisa and the oldest sister got the riffs, the other sisters didn’t.