Meaghan Martin MEAN GIRLS 2 Interview


Meaghan Jette Martin conference call interview excerpts. Have you ever been bullied? I think everybody has been bullied in their own way. Luckily, I’ve never had anything quite as severe as this movie demonstrates, but I definitely had..

..girls backstabbing or lying or cheating or stealing or whatever, just little things, boy drama that’s caused by your friend and you liking the same guys, stuff like that, but luckily nothing extreme.

Fave places to shop? I am a huge fan of Anthropology. I love Urban Outfitters, the same company. I love Nordstrom. I love vintage stores. I love to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA, in Pasadena, and just pick up some old, vintage jewelry and stuff. So, that’s definitely my style.

What’s up with the anti-plastics? The anti-plastics are Jo and Abby’s group. It’s led by Jo & Abby. It is just a group of the misfits at North Shore High, the group of girls that are maybe a little bit on the nerdy side or maybe a little bit Goth or punk. They’re not the plastics.

The plastics are called the plastics because they are the epitome of a Barbie doll-like character. They are the always perfectly dressed, perfect hair, perfect make-up.. is popular, rich girls. The anti-plastics are exactly that. They are the anti-plastics. They’re the opposite of everything the plastics are.

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck Disney, they ruin everything.
    Even my childhood.

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwwww, this sounds soooo dumb.

  • kop

    I just saw the last half-hour of this movie on Abc Fam. yesterday. IT SUCKED SO MUCH!!!!! + half of the main cast needs to go into rehab with Demi Lavato. They are all underweight!

  • TheOne

    i hope this movie actually turns out to be good,
    and not a crap remake like everyone thinks its gonna be

  • Anonymous

    That …amuses you? Well then you will love this movie lol

  • Bubbly-Joe

    Didn’t read it. Just disapointed. But still going to watch, just to point out all the wrong/terrible parts. I’m just that negative.

  • EmmaLC

    I watched the original ‘Mean Girls’ today.
    Just the fact that there’s a sequel makes me want to cry and cause massive destruction.

  • Anonymous

    Pick better movies, Meaghan!