• Anonymous

    MY EARS.

  • Anonymous

    I´m sick and tired of little kids singing about love. In fact, they are not going to get married right now or anything, so Cody, be original, and don´t copy all of this teenage bubblegum pop crap.

  • Anonymous

    the original is not by taio cruz, ilts from tinchy stryder taio cruz just features in the song.
    its cool from tinchy to let cody sing his song and even feature with him!

  • kattt.

    That picture of him looks insanely photoshopped.

  • crazybeautifulLife

    He finally brushed his hair.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this song. Can’t wait for his album. (and ya, the picture does look super airbrushed but what isn’t in the media nowadays?)

  • Anonymous

    It’s a cover – the original is by Taio Cruz!!

  • izzee__

    oh god i cant stand this kid its bad enough there is one justin bieber but 2? honestly. every second of the day iyiyiyiy missin u. oh god just kill me now

  • Anonymous

    Cody simpson is absolutely amazing<3 and personally I think that he is nothing at all like Justin bieber . He doesn’t sound like him. And everyone compares them cause of their hair too! And his hair looks NOTHING like Justin biebers, obviously. Not saying that justins not good or anything , but they’re nothing alike!

  • Anonymous

    I agree(:

  • Hi

    Cody simpson is such a great singer!(: and He is so nice too! He is such a great artist!

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