78Violet SUSPENDED New Song

  • bumblebee22

    love them..it’s about time they have something new out!

  • RidesLightning


  • Anonymous

    Ahhhhh so good!
    I can’t wait until they finallyyyy release a new album!

  • Anonymous

    I think we should ask them to sing one or two new songs to us!

  • Anonymous

    This is the single best thing I have heard all year, so far. Words cannot describe how proud of and excited I am for them. Their new album is LONG awaited, but will be VERY well worth it, I know. I can’t wait to hear more. <3

  • milenator

    wonder when they’ll have new album
    havent heard from them(as the pop duo) in forever

  • Anonymous

    They’re genius! They’re the best! Love it! Love it! Love it!!

    78violet are the best!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • puddingtoes

    klvndlvkadjbv COME ONNNNNN. I can barely wait anymore. I LOVE them so much, they’re my favorite Disney act ever. They have so much talent and I’m so glad they moved on from Hollywood Records and are making brilliant music, like this. I’m so proud of them <3

  • ClaireMichelle

    I want their music right now! Ahhhh… I can’t wait much longer.

  • _liesyoutold

    Their heads. <3

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