Allstar Weekend SUPPORTS The Troops


Allstar Weekend played shows at US military from London to Wiesbaden. For the military base tour AW created a special edition ‘Allstar Weekend Supports the Troop’ t-shirt. They will be donating the proceeds to:

The Wounded Warriors Project. AW will be touring with The Ready Set in the Glamour Kills tour starting Feb. 23 in Indianapolis. Photo Credit: Roy Hinson, live from Lakenheath, UK RAF Base.

  • Anonymous

    wow some of you guys are idiots.
    why would you waste your time and insult a band you don’t even know?
    what allstar is doing is amazing. not many bands take time out of their day to perform for families in the army.

    get a life and keep your comments to yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    ooops without the “?”

  • Anonymous
  • anonymous

    wow, you’re an idiot.

    families live on military bases. kids that have had to MOVE from their home in the states to a foreign country and have very little source of entertainment. allstar weekend performed for the kids of the soliders. I really hope you feel like shit now.

  • purplekoolaid

    wtf? no offense but i doubt anyone in the military gives a flying f!ck about allstar weekend. aren’t all their fans little girls who listen to radio disney? they dont even play their songs on normal radio stations.

    our troops deserve better bands than them. and i dont hate allstar weekend, they are alright. i just dont think 99% of troops would care about them.

  • Anonymous

    i doubt that people in the military are going to turn down donations from someone just because they are from a group affiliated with the Disney channel. many of our military have children, and it probably comforts them to know that people their kids look up to, such as disney stars, are aware of the world around them and generous enough to support our troops. this isn’t only raising money, its also raising awareness among different demographics. also, the lead singer in allstar weekend’s father is in the military. that makes it a personal cause, and i think 99% of people would agree that its a good one. your comment was insensitive and unnecessary. why bag on someone for supporting something that you also support? it doesn’t make sense. just be proud.

  • Anonymous

    Why support people who kill innocent children?

  • Anonymous

    aww love them ?

  • ADUBLove

    cute shirt :)

  • Mrs.WillDarcy

    They are doing Glamour kills????!!!!!!strong>

  • Anonymous

    thats cute

  • Anonymous

    that amazing :)
    If you dont stand BEHIND our troops, you deserve to be pushed IN FRONT of them.

    they don’t kill innocent children you dumbass. they’re protecting YOUR freedom.

  • maybelove

    thats really cute

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was really cool that the military sent them out here; nice to know that they care enough to come out here to Europe and do something for the service members and their families. And sure the show I went to wasn’t all that crowded, but it was a lot of fun. (: